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Academic Article Metalloelastase (MMP-12) expression by tumour cells in squamous cell carcinoma of the vulva correlates with invasiveness, while that by macrophages predicts better outcome.
Academic Article Neutrophil elastase contributes to cigarette smoke-induced emphysema in mice.
Academic Article Matrix metalloproteinase-12 (MMP-12) in osteoclasts: new lesson on the involvement of MMPs in bone resorption.
Academic Article Induction of macrophage elastase (MMP-12) gene expression by statins.
Academic Article Analysis of the inflammatory response induced by rhMMP-12 catalytic domain instilled in mouse airways.
Academic Article Surfactant protein-D regulates soluble CD14 through matrix metalloproteinase-12.
Academic Article NADPH oxidase restrains the matrix metalloproteinase activity of macrophages.
Academic Article Macrophage elastase (matrix metalloproteinase-12) suppresses growth of lung metastases.
Academic Article ADAM-33 surfaces as an asthma gene.
Academic Article Macrophage metalloelastase mediates acute cigarette smoke-induced inflammation via tumor necrosis factor-alpha release.
Academic Article Loss of integrin alpha(v)beta6-mediated TGF-beta activation causes Mmp12-dependent emphysema.
Academic Article Interleukin-13-dependent expression of matrix metalloproteinase-12 is required for the development of airway eosinophilia in mice.
Academic Article Tumor cell traffic through the extracellular matrix is controlled by the membrane-anchored collagenase MT1-MMP.
Academic Article Role of metalloelastase in a model of allergic lung responses induced by cockroach allergen.
Academic Article MMP-12 has a role in abdominal aortic aneurysms in mice.
Academic Article An elevated matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) in an animal model of multiple sclerosis is protective by affecting Th1/Th2 polarization.
Academic Article Elastin fragments drive disease progression in a murine model of emphysema.
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