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Academic Article Correlation of the degree of dyspnea with health-related quality of life, functional abilities, and diffusing capacity for carbon monoxide in patients with systemic sclerosis and active alveolitis: results from the Scleroderma Lung Study.
Academic Article Cyclophosphamide versus placebo in scleroderma lung disease.
Academic Article Scleroderma lung study (SLS): differences in the presentation and course of patients with limited versus diffuse systemic sclerosis.
Academic Article Lung disease associated with progressive systemic sclerosis. Assessment of interlobar variation by bronchoalveolar lavage and comparison with noninvasive evaluation of disease activity.
Academic Article Surfactant protein D and KL-6 as serum biomarkers of interstitial lung disease in patients with scleroderma.
Academic Article Pulmonary manifestations of scleroderma and mixed connective tissue disease.
Academic Article High resolution computed tomography in early scleroderma lung disease.
Academic Article Failure of the circulatory system limits exercise performance in patients with systemic sclerosis.
Academic Article Cyclophosphamide and low-dose prednisone therapy in patients with systemic sclerosis (scleroderma) with interstitial lung disease.
Academic Article Evaluation and management of scleroderma lung disease using bronchoalveolar lavage.
Academic Article Lung involvement in systemic sclerosis.
Academic Article Gastroesophageal reflux incites interstitial lung disease in systemic sclerosis: clinical, radiologic, histopathologic, and treatment evidence.
Concept Respiratory Function Tests
Academic Article Relationship of main pulmonary artery diameter to pulmonary arterial pressure in scleroderma patients with and without interstitial fibrosis.
Academic Article Recognition of pulmonary hypertension in the rheumatology community: lessons from a Quality Enhancement Research Initiative.
Academic Article Management of Systemic-Sclerosis-Associated Interstitial Lung Disease.
Academic Article Mycophenolate mofetil versus oral cyclophosphamide in scleroderma-related interstitial lung disease (SLS II): a randomised controlled, double-blind, parallel group trial.
Academic Article Progression of Interstitial Lung Disease in Systemic Sclerosis: The Importance of Pneumoproteins Krebs von den Lungen 6 and CCL18.
Academic Article Riociguat in patients with early diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis (RISE-SSc): randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled multicentre trial.
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