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Academic Article Management of brain-injured patients by an evidence-based medicine protocol improves outcomes and decreases hospital charges.
Academic Article How low is too low? Cardiac risks with anemia.
Academic Article Relatively short diagnostic delays (<8 hours) produce morbidity and mortality in blunt small bowel injury: an analysis of time to operative intervention in 198 patients from a multicenter experience.
Academic Article Population-based study of the risk of in-hospital death after traumatic brain injury: the role of sepsis.
Academic Article Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation (APACHE II) score and outcome in the surgical intensive care unit: an analysis of multiple intervention and outcome variables in 1,238 patients.
Academic Article A population-based study of the association of medical manpower with county trauma death rates in the United States.
Academic Article Injury severity grading in trauma patients: a simplified technique based upon ICD-9 coding.
Academic Article Survival, quality of life, and charges in critically III surgical patients requiring prolonged ICU stays.
Academic Article The utility of procalcitonin in critically ill trauma patients.
Academic Article Use of the APACHE II scoring system to determine mortality of gynecologic oncology patients in the intensive care unit.
Academic Article Effect of inhalation injury, burn size, and age on mortality: a study of 1447 consecutive burn patients.
Academic Article An analysis of the association of trauma centers with per capita hospitalizations and death rates from injury.
Academic Article Comparison of APACHE II, Trauma Score, and Injury Severity Score as predictors of outcome in critically injured trauma patients.
Academic Article Statewide, population-based, time-series analysis of the frequency and outcome of pulmonary embolus in 318,554 trauma patients.
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Concept Hospital Mortality
Academic Article The Association of Race, Socioeconomic Status, and Insurance on Trauma Mortality.
Academic Article Characterizing the underlying diagnoses for exploratory laparotomies to improve risk-adjustment models of postoperative mortality.
Academic Article Zero Preventable Deaths by 2020: Analysis of Prehospital and Emergency Department Deaths Following Penetrating Trauma Stratified by Anatomic Location.
Academic Article Increasing BMI is associated with higher mortality, worsening outcomes and highly specific injury patterns following trauma: A multi-institutional analysis of 191,274 patients.
Academic Article Antiplatelet and anticoagulant agents have minimal impact on traumatic brain injury incidence, surgery, and mortality in geriatric ground level falls: A multi-institutional analysis of 33,710 patients.
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