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overview Dr. Smith specializes in the care and research of children with epilepsy at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at MUSC. Her dissertation work was a mixed methods study about caregiving in pediatric epilepsy. She also continues working with Dr. Janelle Wagner testing a depression-screening instrument for youth with epilepsy. She previously participated in a pilot study as co-investigator on a cognitive behavioral intervention for youth with epilepsy and their caregivers, as well as three CDC research grants through the Department of Biostastics, Bioinformatics and Epidemiology at MUSC. The South Carolina Epidemiological Study of Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders (SCESESD) is investigated the incidence of epilepsy in South Carolina. The South Carolina Health Outcomes Project in Epilepsy (SC HOPE) is investigated disparities in care outcomes for patients with epilepsy and their families. The Health Outcomes in Persons with Epilepsy in SC investigated the co-morbidities of epilepsy. She is the principal investigator of Impacting At-risk Populations through Multi-modal Training of Nursing and Medical Students in SBIRT, an educational grant funded by SAMHSA. She is also PI of the Blue Cross Blue Shield SC Foundation program grant Addressing Mental Health Needs in SC through Primary Care Nurse Practitioners. In addition, Dr. Smith is the PI for the Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship and Nurse Faculty Loan Program at the College of Nursing. Dr. Smith was previously awarded the MUSC Outstanding Clinician Faculty Award, South Carolina Palmetto Gold Nurses’ Award, South Carolina Nurses’ Association Excellence in Nursing Practice Award, and the Charleston Regional Business Association Nurse Health Care Hero Award.
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Academic Article Childhood paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia: report of seven cases with onset at an early age.
Academic Article Psychosocial intervention in pediatric epilepsy: a critique of the literature.
Academic Article Psychological services in a pediatric epilepsy clinic: Referral patterns and feasibility.
Academic Article A hopelessness model of depressive symptoms in youth with epilepsy.
Academic Article Caregiver perceptions of seizure severity in pediatric epilepsy.
Academic Article Psychosocial factors associated with stigma in adults with epilepsy.
Academic Article Pilot study of an integrated cognitive-behavioral and self-management intervention for youth with epilepsy and caregivers: Coping Openly and Personally with Epilepsy (COPE).
Academic Article Commentary: Pediatric epilepsy: a good fit for pediatric psychologists.
Academic Article Self-efficacy for seizure management and youth depressive symptoms: caregiver and youth perspectives.
Academic Article The relationship of coping behaviors to depressive symptoms in youth with epilepsy: an examination of caregiver and youth proxy report.
Academic Article Pediatric epilepsy: the role of the pediatric psychologist.
Academic Article Impact of pediatric epilepsy: voices from a focus group and implications for public policy change.
Academic Article A population-based study of risk of epilepsy after hospitalization for traumatic brain injury.
Academic Article Feasibility of a pediatric cognitive-behavioral self-management intervention: Coping Openly and Personally with Epilepsy (COPE).
Academic Article Exploration of age and sex differences in depressive symptoms and illness attitudes for youth with epilepsy and juvenile rheumatic disease.
Academic Article Early screening and identification of psychological comorbidities in pediatric epilepsy is necessary.
Concept Epilepsy, Generalized
Concept Epilepsy, Post-Traumatic
Academic Article Epilepsy beyond seizure: a population-based study of comorbidities.
Academic Article Caregiving in pediatric epilepsy: results of focus groups and implications for research and practice.
Award or Honor Receipt MUSC Research & Education in Epilepsy Fund Predoctoral Award
Award or Honor Receipt American Epilepsy Society Nurse Travel Award
Award or Honor Receipt American Epilepsy Society Neurobehavioral Fellow
Academic Article Neurodevelopmental and mental health comorbidities in children and adolescents with epilepsy and migraine: a response to identified research gaps.
Academic Article Preliminary Psychometrics of the Neurological Disorders Depression Inventory for Epilepsy-Youth.
Academic Article Commentary on “Care delivery and self-management strategies for children with epilepsy."
Academic Article Premature deaths among children with epilepsy - South Carolina, 2000-2011.
Academic Article Population-based comparative analysis of risk of death in children and adolescents with epilepsy and migraine.
Academic Article Determining patient needs: A partnership with South Carolina Advocates for Epilepsy (SAFE).
Academic Article Development and validation of the NDDI-E-Y: a screening tool for depressive symptoms in pediatric epilepsy.
Academic Article Epilepsy update, part 2: nursing care and evidence-based treatment.
Academic Article CE: Epilepsy Update, Part 1: Refining Our Understanding of a Complex Disease.
Academic Article Electroconvulsive therapy for treatment of intractable seizures. Initial findings in two children.
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