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Academic Article Phase reversal of biomechanical functions and muscle activity in backward pedaling.
Academic Article Sensorimotor state of the contralateral leg affects ipsilateral muscle coordination of pedaling.
Academic Article Knee joint loading in forward versus backward pedaling: implications for rehabilitation strategies.
Academic Article Relationship between step length asymmetry and walking performance in subjects with chronic hemiparesis.
Academic Article A split-crank bicycle ergometer uses servomotors to provide programmable pedal forces for studies in human biomechanics.
Academic Article The influence of locomotor rehabilitation on module quality and post-stroke hemiparetic walking performance.
Academic Article Dynamic optimization analysis for equipment setup problems in endurance cycling.
Academic Article Can treadmill walking be used to assess propulsion generation?
Academic Article Comparison of motor control deficits during treadmill and overground walking poststroke.
Academic Article Rehabilitating walking speed poststroke with treadmill-based interventions: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials.
Concept Exercise Test
Academic Article Dimensionality and Item-Difficulty Hierarchy of the Lower Extremity Fugl-Meyer Assessment in Individuals With Subacute and Chronic Stroke.
Academic Article Gait asymmetry pattern following stroke determines acute response to locomotor task.
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