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Academic Article Muscle mechanical work requirements during normal walking: the energetic cost of raising the body's center-of-mass is significant.
Academic Article Effects of trunk restraint combined with intensive task practice on poststroke upper extremity reach and function: a pilot study.
Academic Article The relationships between muscle, external, internal and joint mechanical work during normal walking.
Academic Article Modular control of human walking: Adaptations to altered mechanical demands.
Academic Article Forward dynamics simulations provide insight into muscle mechanical work during human locomotion.
Academic Article Merging of healthy motor modules predicts reduced locomotor performance and muscle coordination complexity post-stroke.
Academic Article All joint moments significantly contribute to trunk angular acceleration.
Academic Article Foot placement variability as a walking balance mechanism post-spinal cord injury.
Academic Article Locomotor rehabilitation of individuals with chronic stroke: difference between responders and nonresponders.
Academic Article Muscle work is increased in pre-swing during hemiparetic walking.
Academic Article A comparison of muscular mechanical energy expenditure and internal work in cycling.
Concept Postural Balance
Concept Quality of Life
Concept Work
Academic Article Relationships between frontal-plane angular momentum and clinical balance measures during post-stroke hemiparetic walking.
Academic Article The effects of peroneal nerve functional electrical stimulation versus ankle-foot orthosis in patients with chronic stroke: a randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article The influence of solid ankle-foot-orthoses on forward propulsion and dynamic balance in healthy adults during walking.
Academic Article Correlations between measures of dynamic balance in individuals with post-stroke hemiparesis.
Academic Article Author's Response to Comment on "Contributions of the individual ankle plantar flexors to support, forward progression and swing initiation during walking" (Neptune et al., 2001) and "Muscle mechanical work requirements during normal walking: The energetic cost of raising the body's center-of-mass is significant" ().
Academic Article Corrigendum to "Correlations between measures of dynamic balance in individuals with post-stroke hemiparesis" [J. Biomech. 49 (2016) 396-400].
Academic Article The influence of locomotor training on dynamic balance during steady-state walking post-stroke.
Academic Article Muscle contributions to mediolateral and anteroposterior foot placement during walking.
Academic Article Measurement Precision and Efficiency of Computerized Adaptive Testing for the Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale in People With Stroke.
Academic Article Rasch Analysis of the Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale in Individuals Poststroke.
Academic Article Chronic Stroke Sensorimotor Impairment Is Related to Smaller Hippocampal Volumes: An ENIGMA Analysis.
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