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Academic Article Salicylate protects hearing and kidney function from cisplatin toxicity without compromising its oncolytic action.
Academic Article Antioxidant gene therapy can protect hearing and hair cells from ototoxicity.
Academic Article Rac/Rho pathway regulates actin depolymerization induced by aminoglycoside antibiotics.
Academic Article Kanamycin alters cytoplasmic and nuclear phosphoinositide signaling in the organ of Corti in vivo.
Academic Article Traumatic noise activates Rho-family GTPases through transient cellular energy depletion.
Academic Article Tanshinone (Salviae miltiorrhizae extract) preparations attenuate aminoglycoside-induced free radical formation in vitro and ototoxicity in vivo.
Academic Article Antioxidant protection in a new animal model of cisplatin-induced ototoxicity.
Academic Article Aspirin to prevent gentamicin-induced hearing loss.
Academic Article Aspirin attenuates gentamicin ototoxicity: from the laboratory to the clinic.
Academic Article Age-related auditory pathology in the CBA/J mouse.
Academic Article Antioxidant-enriched diet does not delay the progression of age-related hearing loss.
Academic Article Intra-tympanic delivery of short interfering RNA into the adult mouse cochlea.
Academic Article Mitochondrial peroxiredoxin 3 regulates sensory cell survival in the cochlea.
Concept Hearing
Concept Hearing Loss, Noise-Induced
Concept Hearing Loss, High-Frequency
Concept Hearing Loss
Concept Hearing Loss, Sensorineural
Academic Article Tumor necrosis factor-alpha-mutant mice exhibit high frequency hearing loss.
Academic Article Noise-induced cochlear F-actin depolymerization is mediated via ROCK2/p-ERM signaling.
Academic Article Autophagy attenuates noise-induced hearing loss by reducing oxidative stress.
Academic Article Increased Sensitivity to Noise-Induced Hearing Loss by Blockade of Endogenous PI3K/Akt Signaling.
Academic Article Inhibitors of Histone Deacetylases Attenuate Noise-Induced Hearing Loss.
Academic Article Noise-Induced Loss of Hair Cells and Cochlear Synaptopathy Are Mediated by the Activation of AMPK.
Academic Article Emerging therapeutic interventions against noise-induced hearing loss.
Academic Article Inhibition of Histone Methyltransferase G9a Attenuates Noise-Induced Cochlear Synaptopathy and Hearing Loss.
Academic Article Deletion of Limk1 and Limk2 in mice does not alter cochlear development or auditory function.
Academic Article Noise-induced loss of sensory hair cells is mediated by ROS/AMPKa pathway.
Academic Article Treatment With Calcineurin Inhibitor FK506 Attenuates Noise-Induced Hearing Loss.
Academic Article Traumatic-noise-induced hair cell death and hearing loss is mediated by activation of CaMKK?.
Academic Article Editorial: Hearing Loss: From Pathogenesis to Treatment.
Academic Article Current Advances in Adeno-Associated Virus-Mediated Gene Therapy to Prevent Acquired Hearing Loss.
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