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Academic Article Cellular response to a glutathione S-transferase P1-1 activated prodrug.
Academic Article Glutathione S-transferase P1-1 (GSTP1-1) inhibits c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK1) signaling through interaction with the C terminus.
Academic Article Evidence for a glycoconjugate form of glutathione S-transferase pI.
Academic Article Increased levels of glutathione S-transferase pi transcript as a mechanism of resistance to ethacrynic acid.
Academic Article Efficacy of a glutathione S-transferase pi-activated prodrug in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer cells.
Academic Article Sensitivity and fidelity of DNA microarray improved with integration of Amplified Differential Gene Expression (ADGE).
Academic Article Tumor cell responses to a novel glutathione S-transferase-activated nitric oxide-releasing prodrug.
Academic Article Influence of glutathione S-transferase pi and p53 expression on tumor frequency and spectrum in mice.
Academic Article The influence of coordinate overexpression of glutathione phase II detoxification gene products on drug resistance.
Academic Article A glutathione S-transferase pi-activated prodrug causes kinase activation concurrent with S-glutathionylation of proteins.
Academic Article Oxidative processing of latent Fas in the endoplasmic reticulum controls the strength of apoptosis.
Academic Article Resistance to phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate-induced cell growth arrest in an HL60 cell line chronically exposed to a glutathione S-transferase pi inhibitor.
Academic Article Influence of ethacrynic acid on glutathione S-transferase pi transcript and protein half-lives in human colon cancer cells.
Academic Article Increased myeloproliferation in glutathione S-transferase pi-deficient mice is associated with a deregulation of JNK and Janus kinase/STAT pathways.
Academic Article Role of glutathione S-transferase Pi in cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity.
Academic Article Novel role for glutathione S-transferase pi. Regulator of protein S-Glutathionylation following oxidative and nitrosative stress.
Academic Article Glutathione-S-transferase pi as a determinant of drug resistance in transfectant cell lines.
Academic Article Cocaine-induced adaptations in cellular redox balance contributes to enduring behavioral plasticity.
Concept Glutathione S-Transferase pi
Academic Article Pleiotropic functions of glutathione S-transferase P.
Academic Article Reaction kinetics and targeting to cellular glutathione S-transferase of the glutathione peroxidase mimetic PhSeZnCl and its D,L-polylactide microparticle formulation.
Academic Article Glutathione S-transferase pi modulates NF-?B activation and pro-inflammatory responses in lung epithelial cells.
Academic Article S-Glutathionylation of estrogen receptor a affects dendritic cell function.
Academic Article Glutathione S-Transferase P Influences Redox Homeostasis and Response to Drugs that Induce the Unfolded Protein Response in Zebrafish.
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