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Academic Article EAP1/Daxx interacts with ETS1 and represses transcriptional activation of ETS1 target genes.
Academic Article Defects of DNA mismatch repair in human prostate cancer.
Academic Article D-elg, a member of the Drosophila ets gene family: sequence, expression and evolutionary comparison.
Academic Article The role of Hsp90N, a new member of the Hsp90 family, in signal transduction and neoplastic transformation.
Academic Article Ets1 is an effector of the transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta ) signaling pathway and an antagonist of the profibrotic effects of TGF-beta.
Academic Article ETS2 function is required to maintain the transformed state of human prostate cancer cells.
Academic Article EAPII interacts with ETS1 and modulates its transcriptional function.
Academic Article Persistent down-regulation of Fli1, a suppressor of collagen transcription, in fibrotic scleroderma skin.
Academic Article CaSm antisense gene therapy: a novel approach for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.
Academic Article The epithelial-specific Ets factors occupy a unique position in defining epithelial proliferation, differentiation and carcinogenesis.
Academic Article Pdef expression in human breast cancer is correlated with invasive potential and altered gene expression.
Academic Article Ets-dependent regulation of target gene expression during megakaryopoiesis.
Academic Article Interleukins 2 and 15 regulate Ets1 expression via ERK1/2 and MNK1 in human natural killer cells.
Academic Article Developmental expression pattern of D-ets4, the Drosophila homologue of human Pdef.
Academic Article SP100 inhibits ETS1 activity in primary endothelial cells.
Academic Article Hemorrhage, impaired hematopoiesis, and lethality in mouse embryos carrying a targeted disruption of the Fli1 transcription factor.
Academic Article The FLI-1 transcription factor is a short-lived phosphoprotein in T cells.
Academic Article ETS transcription factors and their emerging roles in human cancer.
Academic Article The human ETS1 gene: genomic structure, promoter characterization and alternative splicing.
Academic Article Transcription factor Ets-1 regulates fibroblast growth factor-1-mediated angiogenesis in vivo: role of Ets-1 in the regulation of the PI3K/AKT/MMP-1 pathway.
Academic Article Maturation stage-specific regulation of megakaryopoiesis by pointed-domain Ets proteins.
Academic Article Oncogene
Academic Article Regulation of Ets function by protein - protein interactions.
Academic Article ETS transcription factors: oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes as therapeutic targets for prostate cancer.
Academic Article CaSm (LSm-1) overexpression in lung cancer and mesothelioma is required for transformed phenotypes.
Academic Article The ETS family of genes: structural analysis, gene products, and involvement in neoplasia and other pathologies.
Academic Article The transcription factor Fli-1 modulates marginal zone and follicular B cell development in mice.
Academic Article MicroRNA-mediated inhibition of prostate-derived Ets factor messenger RNA translation affects prostate-derived Ets factor regulatory networks in human breast cancer.
Academic Article Marinobufagenin induces increases in procollagen expression in a process involving protein kinase C and Fli-1: implications for uremic cardiomyopathy.
Academic Article Dual requirement for the ETS transcription factors Fli-1 and Erg in hematopoietic stem cells and the megakaryocyte lineage.
Academic Article Molecular and functional characterization of the promoter of ETS2, the human c-ets-2 gene.
Academic Article Transcriptional regulation of p21/CIP1 cell cycle inhibitor by PDEF controls cell proliferation and mammary tumor progression.
Academic Article Endothelial Fli1 deficiency impairs vascular homeostasis: a role in scleroderma vasculopathy.
Academic Article Impact of Fli-1 transcription factor on autoantibody and lupus nephritis in NZM2410 mice.
Academic Article Thrombocytopenia in mice lacking the carboxy-terminal regulatory domain of the Ets transcription factor Fli1.
Academic Article Expression of human and viral ets genes in E. coli production of human ets-2-specific monoclonal antibodies.
Academic Article Fli-1 transcription factor affects glomerulonephritis development by regulating expression of monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 in endothelial cells in the kidney.
Academic Article Alterations in PMS2, MSH2 and MLH1 expression in human prostate cancer.
Academic Article Understanding the role of ETS-mediated gene regulation in complex biological processes.
Academic Article The Drosophila ets-2 gene: molecular structure, chromosomal localization, and developmental expression.
Academic Article A unique amino-terminal sequence predicted for the chicken proto-ets protein.
Academic Article Oncogenes: molecular probes for clinical application in malignant diseases.
Academic Article Transactivation of GATA-1 promoter with ETS1, ETS2 and ERGB/Hu-FLI-1 proteins: stabilization of the ETS1 protein binding on GATA-1 promoter sequences by monoclonal antibody.
Academic Article Interaction of ETS-1 and ERGB/FLI-1 proteins with DNA is modulated by spacing between multiple binding sites as well as phosphorylation.
Academic Article The ERGB/Fli-1 gene: isolation and characterization of a new member of the family of human ETS transcription factors.
Academic Article Generation and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against the ERGB/FLI-1 transcription factor.
Academic Article Increased expression of the ETS-related transcription factor FLI-1/ERGB correlates with and can induce the megakaryocytic phenotype.
Academic Article FLI1 and EWS-FLI1 function as ternary complex factors and ELK1 and SAP1a function as ternary and quaternary complex factors on the Egr1 promoter serum response elements.
Academic Article Ets proteins in biological control and cancer.
Academic Article Triplex DNA-mediated downregulation of Ets2 expression results in growth inhibition and apoptosis in human prostate cancer cells.
Academic Article Dysregulation of granulocyte, erythrocyte, and NK cell lineages in Fli-1 gene-targeted mice.
Academic Article Decreased expression of the Ets family transcription factor Fli-1 markedly prolongs survival and significantly reduces renal disease in MRL/lpr mice.
Academic Article Molecular analysis of the ets genes and their products.
Academic Article Establishing a murine pancreatic cancer CaSm model: up-regulation of CaSm is required for the transformed phenotype of murine pancreatic adenocarcinoma.
Academic Article CaSm-mediated cellular transformation is associated with altered gene expression and messenger RNA stability.
Academic Article Caspase-1 is a direct target gene of ETS1 and plays a role in ETS1-induced apoptosis.
Academic Article Bystander effect contributes to the antitumor efficacy of CaSm antisense gene therapy in a preclinical model of advanced pancreatic cancer.
Academic Article Prostate-derived ETS factor is a mediator of metastatic potential through the inhibition of migration and invasion in breast cancer.
Academic Article ETS family of genes in leukemia and Down syndrome.
Academic Article Thymomegaly, microsplenia, and defective homeostatic proliferation of peripheral lymphocytes in p51-Ets1 isoform-specific null mice.
Academic Article Defining ETS transcription regulatory networks and their contribution to breast cancer progression.
Academic Article Global gene expression analysis identifies PDEF transcriptional networks regulating cell migration during cancer progression.
Academic Article Transcription factor Fli1 regulates collagen fibrillogenesis in mouse skin.
Academic Article PDEF is a negative regulator of colon cancer cell growth and migration.
Academic Article Mechanisms and functional consequences of PDEF protein expression loss during prostate cancer progression.
Academic Article Abnormal expression of FLI1 protein is an adverse prognostic factor in acute myeloid leukemia.
Academic Article The transcription factor Fli-1 regulates monocyte, macrophage and dendritic cell development in mice.
Academic Article c-ets-2 protooncogene has mitogenic and oncogenic activity.
Academic Article Mammalian ets-1 and ets-2 genes encode highly conserved proteins.
Academic Article Viral myc genes and their cellular homologs.
Academic Article Molecular organization of the chicken ets locus.
Academic Article Molecular evolution of ets genes from avians to mammals and their cytogenetic localization to regions involved in leukemia.
Academic Article The EndoA enhancer contains multiple ETS binding site repeats and is regulated by ETS proteins.
Academic Article Genomic dispersal of the ets gene family during metazoan evolution.
Academic Article Multiple regulatory regions control the expression of Ets-1 in the developing mouse: vascular expression conferred by intron I.
Academic Article Functional relationships among ETS gene family members.
Concept Proto-Oncogene Protein c-ets-1
Concept Proto-Oncogene Protein c-fli-1
Concept Proto-Oncogenes
Concept Proto-Oncogene Protein c-ets-2
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-myb
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-akt
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-myc
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-raf
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins p21(ras)
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-ets
Academic Article Fli1 acts downstream of Etv2 to govern cell survival and vascular homeostasis via positive autoregulation.
Academic Article Fli-1 controls transcription from the MCP-1 gene promoter, which may provide a novel mechanism for chemokine and cytokine activation.
Academic Article FLI1 expression is correlated with breast cancer cellular growth, migration, and invasion and altered gene expression.
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