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Academic Article The abused inhalant toluene differentially modulates excitatory and inhibitory synaptic transmission in deep-layer neurons of the medial prefrontal cortex.
Academic Article Ethanol reduces neuronal excitability of lateral orbitofrontal cortex neurons via a glycine receptor dependent mechanism.
Academic Article From blue states to up states: a regional view of NMDA-ethanol interactions.
Academic Article Ethanol inhibits persistent activity in prefrontal cortical neurons.
Academic Article Ethanol selectively attenuates NMDAR-mediated synaptic transmission in the prefrontal cortex.
Academic Article Effects of ethanol on persistent activity and up-States in excitatory and inhibitory neurons in prefrontal cortex.
Academic Article Alcohol and the prefrontal cortex.
Academic Article Effects of chronic intermittent ethanol exposure on orbitofrontal and medial prefrontal cortex-dependent behaviors in mice.
Academic Article Ethanol inhibition of up-states in prefrontal cortical neurons expressing the genetically encoded calcium indicator GCaMP3.
Academic Article Medial prefrontal cortex inversely regulates toluene-induced changes in markers of synaptic plasticity of mesolimbic dopamine neurons.
Concept Prefrontal Cortex
Academic Article Endocannabinoid modulation of cortical up-states and NREM sleep.
Academic Article Chronic ethanol alters network activity and endocannabinoid signaling in the prefrontal cortex.
Academic Article Chronic Intermittent Ethanol Exposure Enhances the Excitability and Synaptic Plasticity of Lateral Orbitofrontal Cortex Neurons and Induces a Tolerance to the Acute Inhibitory Actions of Ethanol.
Academic Article Withdrawal from chronic intermittent alcohol exposure increases dendritic spine density in the lateral orbitofrontal cortex of mice.
Academic Article Inactivation of the lateral orbitofrontal cortex increases drinking in ethanol-dependent but not non-dependent mice.
Academic Article Ethanol Dependence Abolishes Monoamine and GIRK (Kir3) Channel Inhibition of Orbitofrontal Cortex Excitability.
Academic Article Orbitofrontal Neuroadaptations and Cross-Species Synaptic Biomarkers in Heavy-Drinking Macaques.
Academic Article Prefrontal Cortex KCa2 Channels Regulate mGlu5-Dependent Plasticity and Extinction of Alcohol-Seeking Behavior.
Academic Article Exposure to the Abused Inhalant Toluene Alters Medial Prefrontal Cortex Physiology.
Academic Article Persistent cognitive and morphological alterations induced by repeated exposure of adolescent rats to the abused inhalant toluene.
Academic Article Effects of monoamines on the intrinsic excitability of lateral orbitofrontal cortex neurons in alcohol-dependent and non-dependent female mice.
Academic Article Increasing Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) in medial prefrontal cortex selectively reduces excessive drinking in ethanol dependent mice.
Academic Article Sex-dependent differences in ethanol inhibition of mouse lateral orbitofrontal cortex neurons.
Academic Article The Abused Inhalant Toluene Impairs Medial Prefrontal Cortex Activity and Risk/Reward Decision-Making during a Probabilistic Discounting Task.
Academic Article Knock-in Mice Expressing an Ethanol-Resistant GluN2A NMDA Receptor Subunit Show Altered Responses to Ethanol.
Academic Article Interaction of chronic intermittent ethanol and repeated stress on structural and functional plasticity in the mouse medial prefrontal cortex.
Academic Article Chronic ethanol exposure differentially alters neuronal function in the medial prefrontal cortex and dentate gyrus.
Academic Article Altered Activity of Lateral Orbitofrontal Cortex Neurons in Mice following Chronic Intermittent Ethanol Exposure.
Academic Article Ethanol inhibition of lateral orbitofrontal cortex neuron excitability is mediated via dopamine D1/D5 receptor-induced release of astrocytic glycine.
Academic Article Distinct Region- and Time-Dependent Functional Cortical Adaptations in C57BL/6J Mice after Short and Prolonged Alcohol Drinking.
Academic Article Chronic intermittent ethanol exposure differentially alters the excitability of neurons in the orbitofrontal cortex and basolateral amygdala that project to the dorsal striatum.
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