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Academic Article Preliminary evidence of altered gray and white matter microstructural development in the frontal lobe of adolescents with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder: a diffusional kurtosis imaging study.
Academic Article White matter characterization with diffusional kurtosis imaging.
Academic Article Novel white matter tract integrity metrics sensitive to Alzheimer disease progression.
Academic Article Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder without comorbidity is associated with distinct atypical patterns of cerebral microstructural development.
Academic Article Microstructural integrity of early- versus late-myelinating white matter tracts in medial temporal lobe epilepsy.
Academic Article White matter tract integrity metrics reflect the vulnerability of late-myelinating tracts in Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Diffusional kurtosis imaging of the developing brain.
Academic Article Histological correlation of diffusional kurtosis and white matter modeling metrics in cuprizone-induced corpus callosum demyelination.
Academic Article Human brain asymmetry in microstructural connectivity demonstrated by diffusional kurtosis imaging.
Academic Article Kurtosis analysis of neural diffusion organization.
Academic Article Resolving power for the diffusion orientation distribution function.
Academic Article Fiber ball imaging.
Academic Article Quantitative assessment of diffusional kurtosis anisotropy.
Academic Article Optimization of white matter fiber tractography with diffusional kurtosis imaging.
Academic Article Epilepsy-related cytoarchitectonic abnormalities along white matter pathways.
Academic Article Mapping the Orientation of White Matter Fiber Bundles: A Comparative Study of Diffusion Tensor Imaging, Diffusional Kurtosis Imaging, and Diffusion Spectrum Imaging.
Academic Article Preoperative automated fibre quantification predicts postoperative seizure outcome in temporal lobe epilepsy.
Academic Article Evaluating kurtosis-based diffusion MRI tissue models for white matter with fiber ball imaging.
Academic Article Modeling white matter microstructure with fiber ball imaging.
Academic Article Modeling white matter tract integrity in aging with diffusional kurtosis imaging.
Academic Article Diffusion MRI detects longitudinal white matter changes in the 3xTg-AD mouse model of Alzheimer's disease.
Academic Article Optimization of data acquisition and analysis for fiber ball imaging.
Academic Article Triple diffusion encoding MRI predicts intra-axonal and extra-axonal diffusion tensors in white matter.
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Academic Article Greater Diffusion Restriction in White Matter in Preclinical Alzheimer Disease.
Academic Article Fiber Ball White Matter Modeling Reveals Microstructural Alterations in Healthy Brain Aging.
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