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Academic Article Choline acetyltransferase expression during periods of behavioral activity and across natural sleep-wake states in the basal forebrain.
Academic Article Compensatory sleep response to 12 h wakefulness in young and old rats.
Academic Article Sleep and wakefulness in c-fos and fos B gene knockout mice.
Academic Article Hypocretin receptor protein and mRNA expression in the dorsolateral pons of rats.
Academic Article Effects of prolonged wakefulness on c-fos and AP1 activity in young and old rats.
Academic Article Retinal input to the sleep-active ventrolateral preoptic nucleus in the rat.
Academic Article Different neuronal phenotypes in the lateral hypothalamus and their role in sleep and wakefulness.
Academic Article The diurnal rhythm of hypocretin in young and old F344 rats.
Academic Article Effects of lesions of the histaminergic tuberomammillary nucleus on spontaneous sleep in rats.
Academic Article c-Fos expression in the cholinergic basal forebrain after enforced wakefulness and recovery sleep.
Academic Article Effects of sleep deprivation on sleepiness and increased REM sleep in rats selectively bred for cholinergic hyperactivity.
Academic Article Effects of saporin-induced lesions of three arousal populations on daily levels of sleep and wake.
Academic Article Identification of a population of sleep-active cerebral cortex neurons.
Academic Article Effects of lateral hypothalamic lesion with the neurotoxin hypocretin-2-saporin on sleep in Long-Evans rats.
Academic Article Optogenetic stimulation of MCH neurons increases sleep.
Academic Article Sleep rhythmicity and homeostasis in mice with targeted disruption of mPeriod genes.
Academic Article The development of hypocretin (orexin) deficiency in hypocretin/ataxin-3 transgenic rats.
Academic Article Effects of hypocretin (orexin) neuronal loss on sleep and extracellular adenosine levels in the rat basal forebrain.
Academic Article Opioidergic projections to sleep-active neurons in the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus.
Academic Article Increased REM sleep in rats selectively bred for cholinergic hyperactivity.
Academic Article The relative effects of selective M1 muscarinic antagonists on rapid eye movement sleep.
Concept Wakefulness
Academic Article New Neuroscience Tools That Are Identifying the Sleep-Wake Circuit.
Academic Article Activity of a subset of vesicular GABA-transporter neurons in the ventral zona incerta anticipates sleep onset.
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