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Academic Article The role of polyamine catabolism in polyamine analogue-induced programmed cell death.
Academic Article Comparison of polyamine analogue toxicity in two cell lines (HL-60 & MCF-7).
Academic Article 1-(N-alkylamino)-11-(N-ethylamino)-4,8-diazaundecanes: simple synthetic polyamine analogues that differentially alter tubulin polymerization.
Academic Article Cytotoxicity of novel unsymmetrically substituted inhibitors of polyamine biosynthesis in human cancer cells.
Academic Article Effects of the polyamine analogues N1-ethyl-N11-((cyclopropyl)methyl)-4,8-diazaundecane and N1-ethylN-11-((cycloheptyl)methyl)-4,8-diazaundecane in human prostate cancer cells.
Academic Article Clinical aspects of cell death in breast cancer: the polyamine pathway as a new target for treatment.
Academic Article Combination of standard cytotoxic agents with polyamine analogues in the treatment of breast cancer cell lines.
Academic Article Detoxification of the polyamine analogue N1-ethyl-N11-[(cycloheptyl)methy]-4,8-diazaundecane (CHENSpm) by polyamine oxidase.
Academic Article Polyamine analogue induction of programmed cell death in human lung tumor cells.
Academic Article Induction of apoptosis in human leukaemic cells by IPENSpm, a novel polyamine analogue and anti-metabolite.
Academic Article Cloning and characterization of a human polyamine oxidase that is inducible by polyamine analogue exposure.
Academic Article Growth status significantly affects the response of human lung cancer cells to antitumor polyamine-analogue exposure.
Academic Article Low molecular weight amidoximes that act as potent inhibitors of lysine-specific demethylase 1.
Academic Article Photoaffinity labeling of a cell surface polyamine binding protein.
Academic Article Growth and biochemical effects of unsymmetrically substituted polyamine analogues in human lung tumor cells 1.
Academic Article Properties of recombinant human N1-acetylpolyamine oxidase (hPAO): potential role in determining drug sensitivity.
Academic Article Effect of S-adenosyl-1,12-diamino-3-thio-9-azadodecane, a multisubstrate adduct inhibitor of spermine synthase, on polyamine metabolism in mammalian cells.
Academic Article Induction of programmed cell death in human breast cancer cells by an unsymmetrically alkylated polyamine analogue.
Academic Article Synthesis and evaluation of unsymmetrically substituted polyamine analogues as modulators of human spermidine/spermine-N1-acetyltransferase (SSAT) and as potential antitumor agents.
Academic Article Synthesis and evaluation of a polyamine phosphinate and phosphonamidate as transition-state analogue inhibitors of spermidine/spermine-N1-acetyltransferase.
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Academic Article The re-expression of the epigenetically silenced e-cadherin gene by a polyamine analogue lysine-specific demethylase-1 (LSD1) inhibitor in human acute myeloid leukemia cell lines.
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