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Academic Article What would menthol smokers do if menthol in cigarettes were banned? Behavioral intentions and simulated demand.
Academic Article Impact of economic policies on reducing tobacco use among Medicaid clients in New York.
Academic Article Does the availability of single cigarettes promote or inhibit cigarette consumption? Perceptions, prevalence and correlates of single cigarette use among adult Mexican smokers.
Academic Article Quitting smoking and change in alcohol consumption in the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Four Country Survey.
Academic Article Longitudinal associations between smoking cessation medications and alcohol consumption among smokers in the International Tobacco Control Four Country survey.
Concept Economics
Academic Article Alcohol consumption and quitting smoking in the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Four Country Survey.
Academic Article Variations in daily cigarette consumption on work days compared with nonwork days and associations with quitting: findings from the international tobacco control four-country survey.
Academic Article Negative affect, alcohol consumption and hangover symptoms among normal drinkers in a small community.
Academic Article An intervention to reduce the sale of cigarettes to minors.
Academic Article Behavioral Economic Purchase Tasks to Estimate Demand for Novel Nicotine/tobacco Products and Prospectively Predict Future Use: Evidence From The Netherlands.
Academic Article The impact of vaping and regulatory environment on cigarette demand: behavioral economic perspective across four countries.
Concept Economics, Behavioral
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