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Academic Article Use of and beliefs about light cigarettes in four countries: findings from the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Survey.
Academic Article Text and graphic warnings on cigarette packages: findings from the international tobacco control four country study.
Academic Article Smokers' beliefs about the relative safety of other tobacco products: findings from the ITC collaboration.
Academic Article How reactions to cigarette packet health warnings influence quitting: findings from the ITC Four-Country survey.
Academic Article What do cigarette pack colors communicate to smokers in the U.S.?
Academic Article Impact of the removal of misleading terms on cigarette pack on smokers' beliefs about 'light/mild' cigarettes: cross-country comparisons.
Academic Article Author response.
Academic Article Use of flavored cigarettes among older adolescent and adult smokers: United States, 2004--2005.
Academic Article The impact of cigarette pack design, descriptors, and warning labels on risk perception in the U.S.
Academic Article Current status of tobacco policy and control.
Academic Article Cigarette warning label policy alternatives and smoking-related health disparities.
Concept Product Labeling
Academic Article Impact of the new Malaysian cigarette pack warnings on smokers' awareness of health risks and interest in quitting smoking.
Academic Article Relationship of cigarette-related perceptions to cigarette design features: findings from the 2009 ITC U.S. Survey.
Academic Article Mediational pathways of the impact of cigarette warning labels on quit attempts.
Academic Article Longer term impact of cigarette package warnings in Australia compared with the United Kingdom and Canada.
Academic Article Promoting cessation resources through cigarette package warning labels: a longitudinal survey with adult smokers in Canada, Australia and Mexico.
Academic Article The Use of Cigarette Package Inserts to Supplement Pictorial Health Warnings: An Evaluation of the Canadian Policy.
Academic Article Australian smokers' support for plain or standardised packs before and after implementation: findings from the ITC Four Country Survey.
Academic Article Smokers' reactions to the new larger health warning labels on plain cigarette packs in Australia: findings from the ITC Australia project.
Academic Article Cigarette brands with flavour capsules in the filter: trends in use and brand perceptions among smokers in the USA, Mexico and Australia, 2012-2014.
Academic Article Filter presence and tipping paper color influence consumer perceptions of cigarettes.
Academic Article Cigarette package inserts can promote efficacy beliefs and sustained smoking cessation attempts: A longitudinal assessment of an innovative policy in Canada.
Academic Article Does Reactance against Cigarette Warning Labels Matter? Warning Label Responses and Downstream Smoking Cessation amongst Adult Smokers in Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United States.
Academic Article US Smokers' Beliefs, Experiences and Perceptions of Different Cigarette Variants Before and After the FSPTCA Ban on Misleading Descriptors Such as "Light," "Mild," or "Low".
Academic Article Does Adding Information on Toxic Constituents to Cigarette Pack Warnings Increase Smokers' Perceptions About the Health Risks of Smoking? A Longitudinal Study in Australia, Canada, Mexico, and the United States.
Academic Article Are the Same Health Warnings Effective Across Different Countries? An Experimental Study in Seven Countries.
Academic Article Exposure to and perceptions of health warning labels on nicotine vaping products: findings from the 2016 International Tobacco Control Four Country Smoking and Vaping Survey.
Academic Article Assumption of Risk and the Role of Health Warnings Labels in the United States.
Academic Article Quasi-experimentally examining the impact of introducing tobacco pictorial health warnings: Findings from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) 4C and Netherlands surveys in the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and the United States.
Academic Article Evaluating the impact of plain packaging among Canadian smokers: findings from the 2018 and 2020 ITC Smoking and Vaping Surveys.
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