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Concept Microsomes
Academic Article Application of 5-azido-UDP-glucose and 5-azido-UDP-glucuronic acid photoaffinity probes for the determination of the active site orientation of microsomal UDP-glucosyltransferases and UDP-glucuronosyltransferases.
Academic Article Synthesis and characterization of 5-azido-UDP-glucuronic acid. A new photoaffinity probe for UDP-glucuronic acid-utilizing proteins.
Academic Article Identification of the UDP-glucose-binding polypeptide of callose synthase from Beta vulgaris L. by photoaffinity labeling with 5-azido-UDP-glucose.
Academic Article Evidence that the synthesis of glucosylphosphodolichol in yeast involves a 35-kDa membrane protein.
Academic Article Synthesis of a photoaffinity analog of 3'-azidothymidine, 5-azido-3'-azido-2',3'-dideoxyuridine. Interactions with herpesvirus thymidine kinase and cellular enzymes.
Academic Article Characterization of human liver microsomal UDP-glycosyltransferases using photoaffinity analogs.
Academic Article Characterization of UDP-glucuronic acid transport in rat liver microsomal vesicles with photoaffinity analogs.
Academic Article A novel UDP-Glc-specific glucosyltransferase catalyzing the biosynthesis of 6-O-glucosides of bile acids in human liver microsomes.
Academic Article Biosynthesis of chondroitin sulfate. Purification of glucuronosyl transferase II and use of photoaffinity labeling for characterization of the enzyme as an 80-kDa protein.
Academic Article Purification and specificity of beta1,2-xylosyltransferase, an enzyme that contributes to the allergenicity of some plant proteins.
Academic Article Variability of human hepatic UDP-glucuronosyltransferase activity.
Academic Article Synthesis and characterization of a new class of inhibitors of membrane-associated UDP-glycosyltransferases.
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