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Academic Article Attentional bias for prescription opioid cues among opioid dependent chronic pain patients.
Academic Article The downward spiral of chronic pain, prescription opioid misuse, and addiction: cognitive, affective, and neuropsychopharmacologic pathways.
Academic Article Mindfulness-oriented recovery enhancement for chronic pain and prescription opioid misuse: results from an early-stage randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Effects of Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement on reward responsiveness and opioid cue-reactivity.
Academic Article Allostatic dysregulation of natural reward processing in prescription opioid misuse: autonomic and attentional evidence.
Academic Article Deficits in autonomic indices of emotion regulation and reward processing associated with prescription opioid use and misuse.
Academic Article Restructuring Hedonic Dysregulation in Chronic Pain and Prescription Opioid Misuse: Effects of Mindfulness-Oriented Recovery Enhancement on Responsiveness to Drug Cues and Natural Rewards.
Academic Article Prescription opioid misusing chronic pain patients exhibit dysregulated context-dependent associations: Investigating associative learning in addiction with the cue-primed reactivity task.
Academic Article Reappraisal deficits promote craving and emotional distress among chronic pain patients at risk for prescription opioid misuse.
Academic Article The temporal dynamics of emotion dysregulation in prescription opioid misuse.
Concept Prescription Drug Misuse
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