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Concept CD4 Lymphocyte Count
Academic Article Key differences in B cell activation patterns and immune correlates among treated HIV-infected patients versus healthy controls following influenza vaccination.
Academic Article CD38 Expression in a Subset of Memory T Cells Is Independent of Cell Cycling as a Correlate of HIV Disease Progression.
Academic Article The induction of CD80 and apoptosis on B cells and CD40L in CD4+ T cells in response to seasonal influenza vaccination distinguishes responders versus non-responders in healthy controls and aviremic ART-treated HIV-infected individuals.
Academic Article Increased Natural Killer Cell Activation in HIV-Infected Immunologic Non-Responders Correlates with CD4+ T Cell Recovery after Antiretroviral Therapy and Viral Suppression.
Academic Article The effect of plasma auto-IgGs on CD4+ T cell apoptosis and recovery in HIV-infected patients under antiretroviral therapy.
Academic Article Drug Use is Associated with Anti-CD4 IgG-mediated CD4+ T Cell Death and Poor CD4+ T Cell Recovery in Viral-suppressive HIV-infected Individuals Under Antiretroviral Therapy.
Academic Article Variation in blood microbial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) contributes to immune reconstitution in response to suppressive antiretroviral therapy in HIV.
Academic Article Reply to: Anti-CD4+ autoantibodies in immunological non-responder people with HIV: cause of CD4+ T-cell depletion?
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