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Academic Article Interrupted visual searches reveal volatile search memory.
Academic Article Interference from filled delays on visual change detection.
Academic Article Orienting attention in visual working memory reduces interference from memory probes.
Academic Article Spatial separation between targets constrains maintenance of attention on multiple objects.
Academic Article Indirect assessment of visual working memory for simple and complex objects.
Academic Article The Attentional Boost Effect: Transient increases in attention to one task enhance performance in a second task.
Academic Article Contextual cost: when a visual-search target is not where it should be.
Academic Article The unilateral field advantage in repetition detection: effects of perceptual grouping and task demands.
Academic Article Spatial context learning survives interference from working memory load.
Academic Article Method matters: systematic effects of testing procedure on visual working memory sensitivity.
Academic Article The role of timing in the attentional boost effect.
Academic Article Investigating the role of response in spatial context learning.
Academic Article Goal-relevant events need not be rare to boost memory for concurrent images.
Academic Article Rapid acquisition but slow extinction of an attentional bias in space.
Academic Article Guidance of spatial attention by incidental learning and endogenous cuing.
Academic Article Selection of events in time enhances activity throughout early visual cortex.
Academic Article The time course of attentional deployment in contextual cueing.
Academic Article How do observer's responses affect visual long-term memory?
Academic Article Spatial reference frame of incidentally learned attention.
Academic Article Directing attention based on incidental learning in children with autism spectrum disorder.
Academic Article Interaction between scene-based and array-based contextual cueing.
Academic Article Egocentric coding of space for incidentally learned attention: effects of scene context and task instructions.
Academic Article Perceptual load and attentional boost: a study of their interaction.
Academic Article First saccadic eye movement reveals persistent attentional guidance by implicit learning.
Academic Article Temporal yoking in continuous multitasking.
Academic Article Spatial working memory interferes with explicit, but not probabilistic cuing of spatial attention.
Academic Article Statistical learning modulates the direction of the first head movement in a large-scale search task.
Academic Article Memory for recently accessed visual attributes.
Academic Article Aging affects the balance between goal-guided and habitual spatial attention.
Academic Article Rapid and selective updating of the target template in visual search.
Academic Article Short-term and long-term attentional biases to frequently encountered target features.
Academic Article Acquisition of habitual visual attention and transfer to related tasks.
Academic Article Implicitly-learned spatial attention is unimpaired in patients with Parkinson's disease.
Academic Article Experience-guided attention: Uniform and implicit.
Academic Article How visual memory changes with intervening recall.
Academic Article Implicit location probability learning does not induce baseline shifts of visuospatial attention.
Academic Article Mechanisms of contextual cueing: A tutorial review.
Academic Article Location probability learning in 3-dimensional virtual search environments.
Academic Article "Guidance of spatial attention by incidental learning and endogenous cuing": Retraction.
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