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Academic Article Transient compensatory smoking in response to placebo cigarettes.
Academic Article E-cigarette advertisements, and associations with the use of e-cigarettes and disapproval or quitting of smoking: Findings from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) Netherlands Survey.
Academic Article A Pilot Randomized Crossover Trial of Electronic Cigarette Sampling Among Smokers.
Academic Article A Naturalistic, Randomized Pilot Trial of E-Cigarettes: Uptake, Exposure, and Behavioral Effects.
Academic Article Experimental tobacco marketplace: substitutability of e-cigarette liquid for cigarettes as a function of nicotine strength.
Academic Article Delay discounting and e-cigarette use: An investigation in current, former, and never cigarette smokers.
Academic Article Impact of E-cigarette Sampling on Cigarette Dependence and Reinforcement Value.
Academic Article Prices, use restrictions and electronic cigarette use-evidence from wave 1 (2016) US data of the ITC Four Country Smoking and Vaping Survey.
Academic Article Where Do Vapers Buy Their Vaping Supplies? Findings from the International Tobacco Control (ITC) 4 Country Smoking and Vaping Survey.
Academic Article A new classification system for describing concurrent use of nicotine vaping products alongside cigarettes (so-called 'dual use'): findings from the ITC-4 Country Smoking and Vaping wave 1 Survey.
Academic Article A Novel Method for Evaluating the Acceptability of Substitutes for Cigarettes: The Experimental Tobacco Marketplace.
Academic Article The Experimental Tobacco Marketplace: Demand and Substitutability as a Function of Cigarette Taxes and e-Liquid Subsidies.
Academic Article The Impact of E-liquid Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin Ratio on Ratings of Subjective Effects, Reinforcement Value, and Use in Current Smokers.
Academic Article Smokers with pain are more likely to report use of e-cigarettes and other nicotine products.
Academic Article The Public Health Gains Had Cigarette Companies Chosen to Sell Very Low Nicotine Cigarettes.
Academic Article E-liquid purchase as a function of workplace restriction in the experimental tobacco marketplace.
Academic Article Characteristics and changes over time of nicotine vaping products used by vapers in the 2016 and 2018 ITC Four Country Smoking and Vaping Surveys.
Academic Article The Illegal Experimental Tobacco Marketplace I: Effects of Vaping Product Bans.
Academic Article Costs of vaping: evidence from ITC Four Country Smoking and Vaping Survey.
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