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Academic Article Design and rationale of the Utah obesity study. A study to assess morbidity following gastric bypass surgery.
Academic Article Left ventricular hypertrophy in severe obesity: interactions among blood pressure, nocturnal hypoxemia, and body mass.
Concept Hypertrophy, Left Ventricular
Academic Article The spontaneously hypertensive rat as a model of the transition from compensated left ventricular hypertrophy to failure.
Academic Article Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibition prolongs survival and modifies the transition to heart failure in rats with pressure overload hypertrophy due to ascending aortic stenosis.
Academic Article Serial echocardiographic assessment of left ventricular geometry and function after large myocardial infarction in the rat.
Academic Article Minimally invasive aortic banding in mice: effects of altered cardiomyocyte insulin signaling during pressure overload.
Academic Article Mechanisms of exercise intolerance: insights from tissue Doppler imaging.
Academic Article Is there a cardiomyopathy of obesity?
Academic Article Knockout of insulin receptors in cardiomyocytes attenuates coronary arterial dysfunction induced by pressure overload.
Academic Article PGC-1? deficiency accelerates the transition to heart failure in pressure overload hypertrophy.
Academic Article Childhood obesity and adulthood cardiovascular disease: quantifying the lifetime cumulative burden of cardiovascular risk factors.
Academic Article Cardiac "Morphomics": Do We Need to Measure LV Mass and Geometry in Everyone?
Academic Article Longitudinal Changes in Cardiac Structure and Function in Severe Obesity: 11-Year Follow-Up in the Utah Obesity Study.
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