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Concept Ventricular Dysfunction, Left
Concept Ventricular Dysfunction, Right
Academic Article Dyssynchronous Ca(2+) sparks in myocytes from infarcted hearts.
Academic Article Mechanisms of exercise intolerance: insights from tissue Doppler imaging.
Academic Article Close coupling of systolic and diastolic function: combined assessment provides superior prediction of exercise capacity.
Academic Article The growing problem of obesity and the heart: the plot "thickens".
Academic Article The associations between tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion (TAPSE), ventricular dyssynchrony, and ventricular interaction in heart failure patients.
Academic Article Contribution of impaired myocardial insulin signaling to mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress in the heart.
Academic Article Knockout of insulin receptors in cardiomyocytes attenuates coronary arterial dysfunction induced by pressure overload.
Academic Article High prevalence of right ventricular dysfunction in ICD patients with shocks: a potential new predictor in risk stratification.
Academic Article PGC-1? deficiency accelerates the transition to heart failure in pressure overload hypertrophy.
Academic Article Normal weight obesity: is bigger really badder?
Academic Article Diabetes and the heart: is there objective evidence of a human diabetic cardiomyopathy?
Academic Article Should We Test for Diastolic Dysfunction? How and How Often?
Academic Article Echocardiography in the Era of Obesity.
Academic Article Longitudinal Changes in Cardiac Structure and Function in Severe Obesity: 11-Year Follow-Up in the Utah Obesity Study.
Academic Article Computed Tomography in Patients With Left Ventricular Dysfunction: One Test, Lots of Information.
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