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Concept Physical Fitness
Academic Article Differences in health behavior, physical fitness, and cardiovascular risk in early, average, and late mature children.
Academic Article Organized sports, overweight, and physical fitness in primary school children in Germany.
Academic Article Correlates of weight gain in German children attending elementary school.
Academic Article Interaction of sedentary behaviour, sports participation and fitness with weight status in elementary school children.
Academic Article Association between cardiorespiratory fitness and submaximal systolic blood pressure among young adult men: a reversed J-curve pattern relationship.
Academic Article Effects of moderate and vigorous physical activity on fitness and body composition.
Academic Article Relationship of parental health-related behaviours and physical fitness in girls and boys.
Academic Article Development of physical fitness in Austrian primary school children : A?longitudinal study among overweight and non-overweight children over 2.5?years.
Academic Article Long-term effect of migration background on the development of physical fitness among primary school children.
Academic Article Cross-sectional and longitudinal association of sports participation, media consumption and motor competence in youth.
Academic Article Association between Club Sports Participation and Physical Fitness across 6- to 14-Year-Old Austrian Youth.
Academic Article Association between daily TV time and physical fitness in 6- to 14-year-old Austrian youth.
Academic Article Physical Fitness in Upper Austrian Children Living in Urban and Rural Areas: A Cross-Sectional Analysis with More Than 18,000 Children.
Academic Article Physical Fitness and Motor Competence in Upper Austrian Elementary School Children-Study Protocol and Preliminary Findings of a State-Wide Fitness Testing Program.
Academic Article Relative Age Effect in Physical Fitness during the Elementary School Years.
Academic Article Changes in Physical Fitness during Summer Months and the School Year in Austrian Elementary School Children-A 4-Year Longitudinal Study.
Academic Article Association of Body Weight and Physical Fitness during the Elementary School Years.
Academic Article Self-Rated Health Status of Upper Secondary School Pupils and Its Associations with Multiple Health-Related Factors.
Academic Article Association of physical activity, muscular strength, and obesity indicators with self-concept in Chilean children.
Academic Article Relation between Physical Fitness Components and the Occurrence and Subjective Intensity of Back Pain in Secondary School Adolescents.
Academic Article European fitness landscape for children and adolescents: updated reference values, fitness maps and country rankings based on nearly 8 million test results from 34 countries gathered by the FitBack network.
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