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Concept Alcohol Drinking
Concept Drinking Behavior
Academic Article The effect of alcohol use on human adolescent brain structures and systems.
Academic Article Age-related effects of alcohol from adolescent, adult, and aged populations using human and animal models.
Academic Article Inhibition during early adolescence predicts alcohol and marijuana use by late adolescence.
Academic Article Brain volume reductions in adolescent heavy drinkers.
Academic Article White matter characterization of adolescent binge drinking with and without co-occurring marijuana use: a 3-year investigation.
Academic Article A longitudinal examination of adolescent response inhibition: neural differences before and after the initiation of heavy drinking.
Academic Article Recent binge drinking predicts smaller cerebellar volumes in adolescents.
Academic Article Atypical neural activity during inhibitory processing in substance-naïve youth who later experience alcohol-induced blackouts.
Academic Article Brain response to working memory over three years of adolescence: influence of initiating heavy drinking.
Academic Article Binge drinking differentially affects adolescent male and female brain morphometry.
Academic Article Adolescent binge drinking linked to abnormal spatial working memory brain activation: differential gender effects.
Academic Article Initiating moderate to heavy alcohol use predicts changes in neuropsychological functioning for adolescent girls and boys.
Academic Article Alcohol and Drug Use and the Developing Brain.
Academic Article Neuropsychological performance in adolescent marijuana users with co-occurring alcohol use: A three-year longitudinal study.
Academic Article Effects of Emerging Alcohol and Marijuana Use Behaviors on Adolescents' Neuropsychological Functioning Over Four Years.
Academic Article Brain development in heavy-drinking adolescents.
Academic Article Effects of aging on frontal white matter microstructure in alcohol use disorder and associations with processing speed.
Academic Article Alcohol use during a trial of N-acetylcysteine for adolescent marijuana cessation.
Academic Article Neural Predictors of Initiating Alcohol Use During Adolescence.
Academic Article Neural predictors of alcohol use and psychopathology symptoms in adolescents.
Academic Article Alcohol consumption as a predictor of reactivity to smoking and stress cues presented in the natural environment of smokers.
Academic Article Learning and Memory in Adolescent Moderate, Binge, and Extreme-Binge Drinkers.
Academic Article Adolescent cortical thickness pre- and post marijuana and alcohol initiation.
Academic Article Effects of sleep on substance use in adolescents: a longitudinal perspective.
Academic Article Earlier alcohol use onset prospectively predicts changes in functional connectivity.
Academic Article The effect of N-acetylcysteine on alcohol use during a cannabis cessation trial.
Academic Article Prospective changes in neural alcohol cue reactivity in at-risk adolescents.
Academic Article Binge drinking in young people: protocol for a systematic review of neuropsychological, neurophysiological and neuroimaging studies.
Academic Article Adolescent Brain Surface Area Pre- and Post-Cannabis and Alcohol Initiation.
Academic Article Orbitofrontal cortex volume prospectively predicts cannabis and other substance use onset in adolescents.
Academic Article Neurobiological and Cognitive Profile of Young Binge Drinkers: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
Academic Article Cannabis and Alcohol Co-Use in a Smoking Cessation Pharmacotherapy Trial for Adolescents and Emerging Adults.
Academic Article Convergent Evidence for Predispositional Effects of Brain Gray Matter Volume on Alcohol Consumption.
Academic Article Effect of alcohol use on the adolescent brain and behavior.
Academic Article Association of prenatal alcohol exposure with preadolescent alcohol sipping in the ABCD study®.
Concept Binge Drinking
Concept Underage Drinking
Academic Article Alcohol and Cannabis Use and the Developing Brain.
Academic Article The effect of neuroimmune modulation on subjective response to alcohol in the natural environment.
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