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Academic Article Slowing bite-rate reduces energy intake: an application of the bite counter device.
Academic Article A new method for measuring meal intake in humans via automated wrist motion tracking.
Academic Article Detecting periods of eating during free-living by tracking wrist motion.
Academic Article Examining the utility of a bite-count-based measure of eating activity in free-living human beings.
Academic Article Improving the recognition of eating gestures using intergesture sequential dependencies.
Academic Article Measuring the Consumption of Individual Solid and Liquid Bites Using a Table-Embedded Scale During Unrestricted Eating.
Academic Article Effects of Bite Count Feedback from a Wearable Device and Goal Setting on Consumption in Young Adults.
Academic Article Between- and Within-Subjects Predictors of the Kilocalorie Content of Bites of Food.
Academic Article Defining Adherence to Mobile Dietary Self-Monitoring and Assessing Tracking Over Time: Tracking at Least Two Eating Occasions per Day Is Best Marker of Adherence within Two Different Mobile Health Randomized Weight Loss Interventions.
Academic Article Combining ecological momentary assessment, wrist-based eating detection, and dietary assessment to characterize dietary lapse: A multi-method study protocol.
Academic Article Top-Down Detection of Eating Episodes by Analyzing Large Windows of Wrist Motion Using a Convolutional Neural Network.
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