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Concept Soil Pollutants, Radioactive
Concept Soil Pollutants
Academic Article Influence of oxidation states on plutonium mobility during long-term transport through an unsaturated subsurface environment.
Academic Article Plutonium oxidation and subsequent reduction by Mn(IV) minerals in Yucca Mountain tuff.
Academic Article Elevated concentrations of primordial radionuclides in sediments from the Reedy River and surrounding creeks in Simpsonville, South Carolina.
Academic Article Pu(V) transport through Savannah River Site soils - an evaluation of a conceptual model of surface- mediated reduction to Pu (IV).
Academic Article Long-term radiostrontium interactions and transport through sediment.
Academic Article One-dimensional Spatial Distributions of Gamma-ray Emitting Contaminants in Field Lysimeters Using a Collimated Gamma-ray Spectroscopy System.
Academic Article Sorption and desorption of radiocesium by muscovite separated from the Georgia kaolin.
Academic Article Impact of Natural Organic Matter on Plutonium Vadose Zone Migration from an NH4Pu(V)O2CO3(s) Source.
Academic Article Comparative uptake, translocation, and plant mediated transport of Tc-99, Cs-133, Np-237, and U-238 in Savannah River Site soil columns for the grass species Andropogon virginicus.
Academic Article The Influence of Iron and Ligand Type on Plutonium Uptake in Two Strains of Hydroponically Grown Corn ( Zea Mays ).
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