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Academic Article Combining the best in triplex recognition: synthesis and nucleic acid binding of a BQQ-neomycin conjugate.
Academic Article Pyrene-neomycin conjugate: dual recognition of a DNA triple helix.
Academic Article Neomycin binding to Watson-Hoogsteen (W-H) DNA triplex groove: a model.
Academic Article Aminoglycoside (neomycin) preference is for A-form nucleic acids, not just RNA: results from a competition dialysis study.
Academic Article Reaching into the major groove of B-DNA: synthesis and nucleic acid binding of a neomycin-hoechst 33258 conjugate.
Academic Article From triplex to B-form duplex stabilization: reversal of target selectivity by aminoglycoside dimers.
Academic Article Neomycin improves cationic lipid-mediated transfection of DNA in human cells.
Academic Article Recognition of B-DNA by neomycin--Hoechst 33258 conjugates.
Academic Article Sequence-specific targeting of RNA with an oligonucleotide-neomycin conjugate.
Academic Article Molecular recognition of a DNA:RNA hybrid: sub-nanomolar binding by a neomycin-methidium conjugate.
Academic Article Molecular recognition of single-stranded RNA: neomycin binding to poly(A).
Academic Article Triple recognition of B-DNA.
Academic Article Triple recognition of B-DNA by a neomycin-Hoechst 33258-pyrene conjugate.
Academic Article Probing the recognition surface of a DNA triplex: binding studies with intercalator-neomycin conjugates.
Academic Article Aminoglycoside binding to Oxytricha nova telomeric DNA.
Academic Article New approaches toward recognition of nucleic acid triple helices.
Academic Article Synthesis and spectroscopic studies of the aminoglycoside (neomycin)--perylene conjugate binding to human telomeric DNA.
Academic Article Neomycin-neomycin dimer: an all-carbohydrate scaffold with high affinity for AT-rich DNA duplexes.
Academic Article Recognition of HIV TAR RNA by triazole linked neomycin dimers.
Academic Article Thermodynamics of nucleic acid "shape readout" by an aminosugar.
Academic Article Click dimers to target HIV TAR RNA conformation.
Academic Article Dual recognition of the human telomeric G-quadruplex by a neomycin-anthraquinone conjugate.
Academic Article Characterization of ribosomal binding and antibacterial activities using two orthogonal high-throughput screens.
Academic Article Recognition of HIV-TAR RNA using neomycin-benzimidazole conjugates.
Academic Article An assay for human telomeric G-quadruplex DNA binding drugs.
Academic Article Targeting C-myc G-quadruplex: dual recognition by aminosugar-bisbenzimidazoles with varying linker lengths.
Academic Article Shape readout of AT-rich DNA by carbohydrates.
Academic Article Recognition of RNA duplex by a neomycin-Hoechst 33258 conjugate.
Academic Article Influence of linker length and composition on enzymatic activity and ribosomal binding of neomycin dimers.
Academic Article Influence of linker length in shape recognition of B* DNA by dimeric aminoglycosides.
Academic Article A pH Sensitive High-Throughput Assay for miRNA Binding of a Peptide-Aminoglycoside (PA) Library.
Academic Article Multivalency in the recognition and antagonism of a HIV TAR RNA-TAT assembly using an aminoglycoside benzimidazole scaffold.
Academic Article Arginine-linked neomycin B dimers: synthesis, rRNA binding, and resistance enzyme activity.
Academic Article Antimicrobial Activity, AME Resistance, and A-Site Binding Studies of Anthraquinone-Neomycin Conjugates.
Academic Article Probing A-form DNA: A fluorescent aminosugar probe and dual recognition by anthraquinone-neomycin conjugates.
Academic Article New Application of Neomycin B-Bisbenzimidazole Hybrids as Antifungal Agents.
Academic Article Potent inhibition of miR-27a by neomycin-bisbenzimidazole conjugates.
Academic Article Synthesis, antimicrobial activity, attenuation of aminoglycoside resistance in MRSA, and ribosomal A-site binding of pyrene-neomycin conjugates.
Academic Article Aminoglycoside Functionalization as a Tool for Targeting Nucleic Acids.
Academic Article A fluorescent aminosugar to rapidly screen and study RNA binders.
Academic Article Surface Dependent Dual Recognition of a G-quadruplex DNA With Neomycin-Intercalator Conjugates.
Academic Article Fine-tuning miR-21 expression and inhibition of EMT in breast cancer cells using aromatic-neomycin derivatives.
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