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Concept Computational Biology
Academic Article Predicting folding free energy changes upon single point mutations.
Academic Article Role of the protein side-chain fluctuations on the strength of pair-wise electrostatic interactions: comparing experimental with computed pK(a)s.
Academic Article Predicting residue contacts using pragmatic correlated mutations method: reducing the false positives.
Academic Article Assessing the quality of the homology-modeled 3D structures from electrostatic standpoint: test on bacterial nucleoside monophosphate kinase families.
Academic Article Homology-based modeling of 3D structures of protein-protein complexes using alignments of modified sequence profiles.
Academic Article Computational analysis of missense mutations causing Snyder-Robinson syndrome.
Academic Article Structural assessment of the effects of amino acid substitutions on protein stability and protein protein interaction.
Academic Article On the role of electrostatics in protein-protein interactions.
Academic Article In silico and in vitro investigations of the mutability of disease-causing missense mutation sites in spermine synthase.
Academic Article Progress in the prediction of pKa values in proteins.
Academic Article DelPhi web server v2: incorporating atomic-style geometrical figures into the computational protocol.
Academic Article Highly efficient and exact method for parallelization of grid-based algorithms and its implementation in DelPhi.
Academic Article Predicting nonspecific ion binding using DelPhi.
Academic Article Protein Nano-Object Integrator (ProNOI) for generating atomic style objects for molecular modeling.
Academic Article BION web server: predicting non-specifically bound surface ions.
Academic Article A rational free energy-based approach to understanding and targeting disease-causing missense mutations.
Academic Article Structural and energetic determinants of tyrosylprotein sulfotransferase sulfation specificity.
Academic Article ProBLM web server: protein and membrane placement and orientation package.
Academic Article On human disease-causing amino acid variants: statistical study of sequence and structural patterns.
Academic Article ZC4H2, an XLID gene, is required for the generation of a specific subset of CNS interneurons.
Academic Article Structural, Dynamical, and Energetical Consequences of Rett Syndrome Mutation R133C in MeCP2.
Academic Article DelPhiPKa web server: predicting pKa of proteins, RNAs and DNAs.
Academic Article Multiscale method for modeling binding phenomena involving large objects: application to kinesin motor domains motion along microtubules.
Academic Article DelPhiForce, a tool for electrostatic force calculations: Applications to macromolecular binding.
Academic Article DelPhiForce web server: electrostatic forces and energy calculations and visualization.
Academic Article Predicting protein-DNA binding free energy change upon missense mutations using modified MM/PBSA approach: SAMPDI webserver.
Academic Article Computational Investigation of the Missense Mutations in DHCR7 Gene Associated with Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome.
Academic Article E-hooks provide guidance and a soft landing for the microtubule binding domain of dynein.
Academic Article SAAMBE-SEQ: a sequence-based method for predicting mutation effect on protein-protein binding affinity.
Academic Article SAMPDI-3D: predicting the effects of protein and DNA mutations on protein-DNA interactions.
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