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Concept Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Academic Article A missense mutation in CLIC2 associated with intellectual disability is predicted by in silico modeling to affect protein stability and dynamics.
Academic Article Developing hybrid approaches to predict pKa values of ionizable groups.
Academic Article Progress in the prediction of pKa values in proteins.
Academic Article Analyzing effects of naturally occurring missense mutations.
Academic Article Predicting nonspecific ion binding using DelPhi.
Academic Article Rational design of small-molecule stabilizers of spermine synthase dimer by virtual screening and free energy-based approach.
Academic Article Structural, Dynamical, and Energetical Consequences of Rett Syndrome Mutation R133C in MeCP2.
Academic Article Cytoplasmic dynein binding, run length, and velocity are guided by long-range electrostatic interactions.
Academic Article Computational investigation of proton transfer, pKa shifts and pH-optimum of protein-DNA and protein-RNA complexes.
Academic Article Cofactors-loaded quaternary structure of lysine-specific demethylase 5C (KDM5C) protein: Computational model.
Academic Article Predicting protein-DNA binding free energy change upon missense mutations using modified MM/PBSA approach: SAMPDI webserver.
Academic Article Computational Investigation of the Missense Mutations in DHCR7 Gene Associated with Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome.
Academic Article E-hooks provide guidance and a soft landing for the microtubule binding domain of dynein.
Academic Article Processivity vs. Beating: Comparing Cytoplasmic and Axonemal Dynein Microtubule Binding Domain Association with Microtubule.
Academic Article Three additional patients with EED-associated overgrowth: potential mutation hotspots identified?
Academic Article DFMD: Fast and Effective DelPhiForce Steered Molecular Dynamics Approach to Model Ligand Approach Toward a Receptor: Application to Spermine Synthase Enzyme.
Academic Article Computational Investigation of the pH Dependence of Stability of Melanosome Proteins: Implication for Melanosome formation and Disease.
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