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Concept Molecular Sequence Data
Academic Article Using multiple structure alignments, fast model building, and energetic analysis in fold recognition and homology modeling.
Academic Article On the role of structural information in remote homology detection and sequence alignment: new methods using hybrid sequence profiles.
Academic Article Numerical calculations of the pH of maximal protein stability. The effect of the sequence composition and three-dimensional structure.
Academic Article Calculating proton uptake/release and binding free energy taking into account ionization and conformation changes induced by protein-inhibitor association: application to plasmepsin, cathepsin D and endothiapepsin-pepstatin complexes.
Academic Article Structural and functional consequences of single amino acid substitutions in the pyrimidine base binding pocket of Escherichia coli CMP kinase.
Academic Article Protein-protein interactions.
Academic Article Approaches and resources for prediction of the effects of non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphism on protein function and interactions.
Academic Article Modeling effects of human single nucleotide polymorphisms on protein-protein interactions.
Academic Article An X-linked channelopathy with cardiomegaly due to a CLIC2 mutation enhancing ryanodine receptor channel activity.
Academic Article Enhancing human spermine synthase activity by engineered mutations.
Academic Article A mutation in a ganglioside biosynthetic enzyme, ST3GAL5, results in salt & pepper syndrome, a neurocutaneous disorder with altered glycolipid and glycoprotein glycosylation.
Academic Article Predicting Binding Free Energy Change Caused by Point Mutations with Knowledge-Modified MM/PBSA Method.
Academic Article Mutations in the KDM5C ARID Domain and Their Plausible Association with Syndromic Claes-Jensen-Type Disease.
Academic Article Revealing the Effects of Missense Mutations Causing Snyder-Robinson Syndrome on the Stability and Dimerization of Spermine Synthase.
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