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Concept Water Pollution
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Concept Water Pollutants, Chemical
Academic Article Analytical solution for subsurface gas flow to a well induced by surface pressure fluctuations.
Academic Article Assessing the impacts of partial mass depletion in DNAPL source zones I. Analytical modeling of source strength functions and plume response.
Academic Article Assessing impacts of partial mass depletion in DNAPL source zones: II. Coupling source strength functions to plume evolution.
Academic Article Leaded-gasoline additives still contaminate groundwater.
Academic Article Temporal evolution of DNAPL source and contaminant flux distribution: impacts of source mass depletion.
Academic Article Modeling field-scale cosolvent flooding for DNAPL source zone remediation.
Academic Article Methodology for comparing source and plume remediation alternatives.
Academic Article Simulation of the effect of remediation on EDB and 1,2-DCA plumes at sites contaminated by leaded gasoline.
Academic Article Numerical modeling of thermal conductive heating in fractured bedrock.
Academic Article Kinetics of 1,2-dichloroethane and 1,2-dibromoethane biodegradation in anaerobic enrichment cultures.
Academic Article Numerical Analysis of Thermal Remediation in 3D Field-Scale Fractured Geologic Media.
Academic Article A semi-analytical method for simulating matrix diffusion in numerical transport models.
Academic Article Chlorinated Ethene Degradation Rate Coefficients Simulated with Intact Sandstone Core Microcosms.
Academic Article Impact of matrix diffusion on the migration of groundwater plumes for Perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs) and other non-degradable compounds.
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