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Concept Spectrometry, Fluorescence
Concept Fluorescence
Concept Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer
Academic Article Multiple diffusion mechanisms due to nanostructuring in crowded environments.
Academic Article {beta}CaMKII regulates actin assembly and structure.
Academic Article Modulation of calmodulin plasticity by the effect of macromolecular crowding.
Academic Article Transient anomalous subdiffusion: effects of specific and nonspecific probe binding with actin gels.
Academic Article Filtered FCS: species auto- and cross-correlation functions highlight binding and dynamics in biomolecules.
Academic Article Analyzing F?rster resonance energy transfer with fluctuation algorithms.
Academic Article Conformational Selection and Submillisecond Dynamics of the Ligand-binding Domain of the N-Methyl-d-aspartate Receptor.
Academic Article High Precision FRET at Single-molecule Level for Biomolecule Structure Determination.
Academic Article Precision and accuracy of single-molecule FRET measurements-a multi-laboratory benchmark study.
Academic Article Identifying weak interdomain interactions that stabilize the supertertiary structure of the N-terminal tandem PDZ domains of PSD-95.
Academic Article Structural Dynamics of Glutamate Signaling Systems by smFRET.
Academic Article Automated and optimally FRET-assisted structural modeling.
Academic Article Specific Conformational Dynamics and Expansion Underpin a Multi-Step Mechanism for Specific Binding of p27 with Cdk2/Cyclin A.
Academic Article Resolving dynamics and function of transient states in single enzyme molecules.
Academic Article Unraveling multi-state molecular dynamics in single-molecule FRET experiments. I. Theory of FRET-lines.
Academic Article Unraveling multi-state molecular dynamics in single-molecule FRET experiments. II. Quantitative analysis of multi-state kinetic networks.
Academic Article Coevolution and smFRET Enhances Conformation Sampling and FRET Experimental Design in Tandem PDZ1-2 Proteins.
Academic Article A blind benchmark of analysis tools to infer kinetic rate constants from single-molecule FRET trajectories.
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