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Concept Muscle, Smooth, Vascular
Concept Muscle, Smooth
Concept Myocytes, Smooth Muscle
Academic Article Alterations in the molecular determinants of bladder compliance at hydrostatic pressures less than 40 cm. H2O.
Academic Article Quantification of bladder smooth muscle orientation in normal and spinal cord injured rats.
Academic Article Cyclic pressure stimulates DNA synthesis through the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway in rat bladder smooth muscle cells.
Academic Article Contribution of the extracellular matrix to the viscoelastic behavior of the urinary bladder wall.
Academic Article The effects of long-term spinal cord injury on mechanical properties of the rat urinary bladder.
Academic Article Effect of sustained tension on bladder smooth muscle cells in three-dimensional culture.
Academic Article Role of cytoskeletal components in stress-relaxation behavior of adherent vascular smooth muscle cells.
Academic Article Layer by layer three-dimensional tissue epitaxy by cell-laden hydrogel droplets.
Academic Article Increased synthetic phenotype behavior of smooth muscle cells in response to in vitro balloon angioplasty injury model.
Academic Article Effect of sustained hydrostatic pressure on rat bladder smooth muscle cell function.
Academic Article Tetronic(?)-based composite hydrogel scaffolds seeded with rat bladder smooth muscle cells for urinary bladder tissue engineering applications.
Academic Article A droplet-based building block approach for bladder smooth muscle cell (SMC) proliferation.
Academic Article Nanometer-sized extracellular matrix coating on polymer-based scaffold for tissue engineering applications.
Academic Article Evaluation of Poly (Carbonate-Urethane) Urea (PCUU) Scaffolds for Urinary Bladder Tissue Engineering.
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