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Concept Water Supply
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Concept Water
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Concept Water Pollution
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Concept Fresh Water
Concept Water Purification
Concept Water Pollutants, Chemical
Academic Article Isolation of dissolved organic matter (DOM) from surface waters using reverse osmosis and its impact on the reactivity of DOM to formation and speciation of disinfection by-products.
Academic Article The reactivity of natural organic matter to disinfection by-products formation and its relation to specific ultraviolet absorbance.
Academic Article Removal and sequestration of iodide using silver-impregnated activated carbon.
Academic Article Trichloroethylene adsorption by activated carbon preloaded with humic substances: effects of solution chemistry.
Academic Article Probing reactivity of dissolved organic matter for disinfection by-product formation using XAD-8 resin adsorption and ultrafiltration fractionation.
Academic Article Performance of a hybrid reverse osmosis-constructed wetland treatment system for brackish oil field produced water.
Academic Article Effects of reverse osmosis isolation on reactivity of naturally occurring dissolved organic matter in physicochemical processes.
Academic Article Trichloroethylene adsorption by fibrous and granular activated carbons: aqueous phase, gas phase, and water vapor adsorption studies.
Academic Article The effect of nutrient deficiency on removal of organic solvents from textile manufacturing wastewater during activated sludge treatment.
Academic Article Adsorption of dissolved natural organic matter by modified activated carbons.
Academic Article Development and testing of a silver chloride-impregnated activated carbon for aqueous removal and sequestration of iodide.
Academic Article Exploring molecular sieve capabilities of activated carbon fibers to reduce the impact of NOM preloading on trichloroethylene adsorption.
Academic Article Influence of drought and municipal sewage effluents on the baseflow water chemistry of an upper piedmont river.
Academic Article Approaches to mitigate the impact of dissolved organic matter on the adsorption of synthetic organic contaminants by porous carbonaceous sorbents.
Academic Article Isolation and fractionation of natural organic matter: evaluation of reverse osmosis performance and impact of fractionation parameters.
Academic Article Impacts of land disturbance on aquatic ecosystem health: quantifying the cascade of events.
Academic Article The impacts of aggregation and surface chemistry of carbon nanotubes on the adsorption of synthetic organic compounds.
Academic Article Halonitromethane formation potentials in drinking waters.
Academic Article Comparative analysis of halonitromethane and trihalomethane formation and speciation in drinking water: the effects of disinfectants, pH, bromide, and nitrite.
Academic Article Adsorption of synthetic organic chemicals by carbon nanotubes: Effects of background solution chemistry.
Academic Article Halonitromethanes formation in wastewater treatment plant effluents.
Academic Article The adsorptive removal of disinfection by-product precursors in a high-SUVA water using iron oxide-coated pumice and volcanic slag particles.
Academic Article Formation of disinfection by-products in indoor swimming pool water: the contribution from filling water natural organic matter and swimmer body fluids.
Academic Article The effects of dissolved natural organic matter on the adsorption of synthetic organic chemicals by activated carbons and carbon nanotubes.
Academic Article Adsorption kinetics of aromatic compounds on carbon nanotubes and activated carbons.
Academic Article The effects of pH, bromide and nitrite on halonitromethane and trihalomethane formation from amino acids and amino sugars.
Academic Article I-THM formation and speciation: preformed monochloramine versus prechlorination followed by ammonia addition.
Academic Article The impact of bromide/iodide concentration and ratio on iodinated trihalomethane formation and speciation.
Academic Article The effects of selected preoxidation strategies on I-THM formation and speciation.
Academic Article The roles of tertiary amine structure, background organic matter and chloramine species on NDMA formation.
Academic Article Formation of haloacetic acids from dissolved organic matter fractions during chloramination.
Academic Article The control of N-DBP and C-DBP precursors with MIEX®.
Academic Article Adsorption of aromatic organic contaminants by graphene nanosheets: comparison with carbon nanotubes and activated carbon.
Academic Article Comparing graphene, carbon nanotubes, and superfine powdered activated carbon as adsorptive coating materials for microfiltration membranes.
Academic Article Disinfection byproducts in swimming pool: occurrences, implications and future needs.
Academic Article Formation mechanism of NDMA from ranitidine, trimethylamine, and other tertiary amines during chloramination: a computational study.
Academic Article The effect of pre-oxidation on NDMA formation and the influence of pH.
Academic Article Assessing trihalomethanes (THMs) and N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) formation potentials in drinking water treatment plants using fluorescence spectroscopy and parallel factor analysis.
Academic Article Adsorption of synthetic organic contaminants by carbon nanotubes: a critical review.
Academic Article Seasonal and temporal patterns of NDMA formation potentials in surface waters.
Academic Article Wildfire altering terrestrial precursors of disinfection byproducts in forest detritus.
Academic Article Trihalomethane hydrolysis in drinking water at elevated temperatures.
Academic Article Adsorption of halogenated aliphatic contaminants by graphene nanomaterials.
Academic Article Disinfection by-product formation during seawater desalination: A review.
Academic Article Removal of N-nitrosodimethylamine precursors with powdered activated carbon adsorption.
Academic Article Effect of bead milling on chemical and physical characteristics of activated carbons pulverized to superfine sizes.
Academic Article Linear solvation energy relationships (LSER) for adsorption of organic compounds by carbon nanotubes.
Academic Article Temporal variations of disinfection byproduct precursors in wildfire detritus.
Academic Article Superfine powdered activated carbon (S-PAC) coatings on microfiltration membranes: Effects of milling time on contaminant removal and flux.
Academic Article Granular Activated Carbon Treatment May Result in Higher Predicted Genotoxicity in the Presence of Bromide.
Academic Article Relative Importance of Different Water Categories as Sources of N-Nitrosamine Precursors.
Academic Article The control of N-nitrosodimethylamine, Halonitromethane, and Trihalomethane precursors by Nanofiltration.
Academic Article Removal of bromide from surface waters using silver impregnated activated carbon.
Academic Article Dynamic Changes of Disinfection Byproduct Precursors following Exposures of Microcystis aeruginosa to Wildfire Ash Solutions.
Academic Article Bioavailability of Carbon Nanomaterial-Adsorbed Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons to Pimphales promelas: Influence of Adsorbate Molecular Size and Configuration.
Academic Article Removal of both N-nitrosodimethylamine and trihalomethanes precursors in a single treatment using ion exchange resins.
Academic Article Impact of combining chlorine dioxide and chlorine on DBP formation in simulated indoor swimming pools.
Academic Article The control of disinfection byproducts and their precursors in biologically active filtration processes.
Academic Article Adsorption of organic contaminants by graphene nanosheets: A review.
Academic Article Disinfection byproduct precursor dynamics and water treatability during an extreme flooding event in a coastal blackwater river in southeastern United States.
Academic Article The role of chloramine species in NDMA formation.
Academic Article Deactivation of wastewater-derived N-nitrosodimethylamine precursors with chlorine dioxide oxidation and the effect of pH.
Academic Article Formation of regulated and unregulated disinfection byproducts during chlorination of algal organic matter extracted from freshwater and marine algae.
Academic Article Removal of N-nitrosodimethylamine precursors by cation exchange resin: The effects of pH and calcium.
Academic Article Removal of wastewater and polymer derived N-nitrosodimethylamine precursors with integrated use of chlorine and chlorine dioxide.
Academic Article The Genesis of a Critical Environmental Concern: Cannabinoids in Our Water Systems.
Academic Article Selective removal of bromide and iodide from natural waters using a novel AgCl-SPAC composite at environmentally relevant conditions.
Academic Article Control wildfire-induced Microcystis aeruginosa blooms by copper sulfate: Trade-offs between reducing algal organic matter and promoting disinfection byproduct formation.
Academic Article Adsorption kinetics and aggregation for three classes of carbonaceous adsorbents in the presence of natural organic matter.
Academic Article Formation of iodinated trihalomethanes and noniodinated disinfection byproducts during chloramination of algal organic matter extracted from Microcystis aeruginosa.
Academic Article Cationic polymer for selective removal of GenX and short-chain PFAS from surface waters and wastewaters at ng/L levels.
Academic Article Oxidation byproducts from the degradation of dissolved organic matter by advanced oxidation processes - A critical review.
Academic Article Removal of bromide from natural waters: Bromide-selective vs. conventional ion exchange resins.
Academic Article Chloramination of iodide-containing waters: Formation of iodinated disinfection byproducts and toxicity correlation with total organic halides of treated waters.
Academic Article Effect of bromide on NDMA formation during chloramination of model precursor compounds and natural waters.
Academic Article Adsorption of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in groundwater by granular activated carbons: Roles of hydrophobicity of PFAS and carbon characteristics.
Academic Article A comprehensive review of mathematical models developed for the estimation of organic disinfection byproducts.
Academic Article Removal of the precursors of regulated DBPs and TOX from surface waters and wastewater effluents using mixed anion exchange resins.
Academic Article Estimation of haloacetonitriles formation in water: Uniform formation conditions versus formation potential tests.
Academic Article Low water treatability efficiency of wildfire-induced dissolved organic matter and disinfection by-product precursors.
Academic Article Activated carbon and organic matter characteristics impact the adsorption of DBP precursors when chlorine is added prior to GAC contactors.
Academic Article Impact of biological wastewater treatment on the reactivity of N-Nitrosodimethylamine precursors.
Academic Article Effect of prescribed fires on the export of dissolved organic matter, precursors of disinfection by-products, and water treatability.
Academic Article Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter from Wildfire-induced Microcystis aeruginosa Blooms controlled by Copper Sulfate as Disinfection Byproduct Precursors Using APPI(-) and ESI(-) FT-ICR MS.
Academic Article Microwave regeneration of granular activated carbon saturated with PFAS.
Academic Article Transformation potential of cannabinoids during their passage through engineered water treatment systems: A perspective.
Academic Article Microplastics release precursors of chlorinated and brominated disinfection byproducts in water.
Academic Article Two years of post-wildfire impacts on dissolved organic matter, nitrogen, and precursors of disinfection by-products in California stream waters.
Academic Article Toxicity of chlorinated algal-impacted waters: Formation of disinfection byproducts vs. reduction of cyanotoxins.
Concept Water Quality
Concept Drinking Water
Concept Waste Water
Concept Water Resources
Academic Article Predictive modeling of haloacetonitriles under uniform formation conditions.
Academic Article Stability of Oxygen Nanobubbles under Freshwater Conditions.
Academic Article Effect of superfine pulverization of powdered activated carbon on adsorption of carbamazepine in natural source waters.
Academic Article Chemical characterization of dissolved organic matter as disinfection byproduct precursors by UV/fluorescence and ESI FT-ICR MS after smoldering combustion of leaf needles and woody trunks of pine (Pinus jeffreyi).
Academic Article Preferential Halogenation of Algal Organic Matter by Iodine over Chlorine and Bromine: Formation of Disinfection Byproducts and Correlation with Toxicity of Disinfected Waters.
Academic Article Emerging investigator series: microplastic sources, fate, toxicity, detection, and interactions with micropollutants in aquatic ecosystems - a review of reviews.
Academic Article Inputs of disinfection by-products to the marine environment from various industrial activities: Comparison to natural production.
Academic Article Tracing microplastic (MP)-derived dissolved organic matter in the infiltration of MP-contaminated sand system and its disinfection byproducts formation.
Academic Article COVID-19 wastewater epidemiology: a model to estimate infected populations.
Academic Article The elimination of cell-associated and non-cell-associated antibiotic resistance genes during membrane filtration processes: A review.
Academic Article Removal of halides from drinking water: technological achievements in the past ten years and research needs.
Academic Article Formation of regulated and unregulated disinfection byproducts during chlorination and chloramination: Roles of dissolved organic matter type, bromide, and iodide.
Academic Article Effect of activated sludge treatment on the formation of Nnitrosamines under different chloramination conditions.
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