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Concept Bayes Theorem
Academic Article Bayesian inference on order-constrained parameters in generalized linear models.
Academic Article Bayesian isotonic regression and trend analysis.
Academic Article A Bayesian growth mixture model to examine maternal hypertension and birth outcomes.
Academic Article A spatial bivariate probit model for correlated binary data with application to adverse birth outcomes.
Academic Article Bayesian latent factor regression for functional and longitudinal data.
Academic Article Evaluation of treatment efficacy using a Bayesian mixture piecewise linear model of longitudinal biomarkers.
Academic Article Bayesian two-part spatial models for semicontinuous data with application to emergency department expenditures.
Academic Article A spatiotemporal quantile regression model for emergency department expenditures.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal hurdle models for zero-inflated count data: Exploring trends in emergency department visits.
Academic Article A marginalized two-part model for longitudinal semicontinuous data.
Academic Article A multivariate discrete failure time model for the analysis of infant motor development.
Academic Article Shared Decision Making: From Decision Science to Data Science.
Academic Article Spatial and temporal trends in social vulnerability and COVID-19 incidence and death rates in the United States.
Academic Article Associations Between Governor Political Affiliation and COVID-19 Cases, Deaths, and Testing in the U.S.
Academic Article A Bayesian hierarchical change point model with parameter constraints.
Academic Article A Bayesian multivariate mixture model for skewed longitudinal data with intermittent missing observations: An application to infant motor development.
Academic Article Spatial patterns of HPV and Tdap vaccine dose administration and the association of health department clinic access in Georgia counties.
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