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Academic Article Correspondence between Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Timeline Followback (TLFB) reports of drinking behavior.
Academic Article Do daily interactive voice response reports of smoking behavior correspond with retrospective reports?
Academic Article Correspondence of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) reports of nicotine withdrawal, craving, and negative mood with questionnaire ratings.
Academic Article Effect of night smoking, sleep disturbance, and their co-occurrence on smoking outcomes.
Academic Article Ethyl glucuronide and ethyl sulfate assays in clinical trials, interpretation, and limitations: results of a dose ranging alcohol challenge study and 2 clinical trials.
Academic Article A new look at risk-taking: using a translational approach to examine risk-taking behavior on the balloon analogue risk task.
Academic Article In with the old and out with the new? A comparison of the old and new binge drinking standards.
Academic Article Concordance between timeline follow-back and single-question assessment of self-reported smoking in a clinical trial.
Academic Article Practice Patterns and Perceptions of Chest Health Care Providers on Electronic Cigarette Use: An In-Depth Discussion and Report of Survey Results.
Academic Article Automated Generation of CONSORT Diagrams Using Relational Database Software.
Academic Article Avoidance of tobacco health warnings? An eye-tracking approach.
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Academic Article Associations between cancer diagnosis and patients' responses to an inpatient tobacco treatment intervention.
Academic Article National Cancer Institute Smoking Cessation at Lung Examination Trials Brief Report: Baseline Characteristics and Comparison With the U.S. General Population of Lung Cancer Screening-Eligible Patients.
Academic Article Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Tobacco Treatment in Cancer Patients: A Preliminary Report of a One-Week Treatment.
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