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Concept Chemical Hazard Release
Academic Article GRACE: public health recovery methods following an environmental disaster.
Academic Article Respiratory symptoms and lung function 8-10 months after community exposure to chlorine gas: a public health intervention and cross-sectional analysis.
Academic Article Prediction of unmet primary care needs for the medically vulnerable post-disaster: an interrupted time-series analysis of health system responses.
Academic Article Gleaning data from disaster: a hospital-based data mining method to study all-hazard triage after a chemical disaster.
Academic Article Engaging a chemical disaster community: lessons from Graniteville.
Academic Article A validation study of 5 triage systems using data from the 2005 Graniteville, South Carolina, chlorine spill.
Academic Article A review of the literature on the validity of mass casualty triage systems with a focus on chemical exposures.
Academic Article Long-term impact of environmental public health disaster on health system performance: experiences from the Graniteville, South Carolina chlorine spill.
Academic Article Posttraumatic stress and tendency to panic in the aftermath of the chlorine gas disaster in Graniteville, South Carolina.
Academic Article Management of chlorine gas-related injuries from the Graniteville, South Carolina, train derailment.
Academic Article Photovoice: Assessing the Long-Term Impact of a Disaster on a Community's Quality of Life.
Academic Article Lung Function before and after a Large Chlorine Gas Release in Graniteville, South Carolina.
Grant Mass Casualty Triage Validation Study
Academic Article Off the rails in rural South Carolina: a qualitative study of healthcare provider perspectives on the long-term health impact of the Graniteville train disaster.
Academic Article Acute health effects after exposure to chlorine gas released after a train derailment.
Academic Article Designing and executing a functional exercise to test a novel informatics tool for mass casualty triage.
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