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Concept Alcohol Drinking
Academic Article The use of drinking and condom-related protective strategies in association with condom use and sex-related alcohol use.
Academic Article Underestimating protection and overestimating risk: examining descriptive normative perceptions and their association with drinking and sexual behaviors.
Academic Article Influences of situational factors and alcohol expectancies on sexual desire and arousal among heavy-episodic drinking women: acute alcohol intoxication and condom availability.
Academic Article The potential of alcohol "heat-of-the-moment" scenarios in HIV prevention: A qualitative study exploring intervention implications.
Academic Article Sexual victimization, alcohol intoxication, sexual-emotional responding, and sexual risk in heavy episodic drinking women.
Academic Article Sexual assault, drinking norms, and drinking behavior among a national sample of lesbian and bisexual women.
Academic Article Sexual assault history and its association with the use of drinking protective behavioral strategies among college women.
Academic Article The role of social drinking factors in the relationship between incapacitated sexual assault and drinking before sexual activity.
Academic Article A randomized controlled trial targeting alcohol use and sexual assault risk among college women at high risk for victimization.
Academic Article Reducing drinking to cope among heavy episodic drinking college women: Secondary outcomes of a web-based combined alcohol use and sexual assault risk reduction intervention.
Academic Article Is the Use of Protective Behavioral Strategies Associated With College Sexual Assault Victimization? A Prospective Examination.
Academic Article The Use of Drinking and Sexual Assault Protective Behavioral Strategies: Associations With Sexual Victimization and Revictimization Among College Women.
Academic Article Reducing sexual risk behaviors: secondary analyses from a randomized controlled trial of a brief web-based alcohol intervention for underage, heavy episodic drinking college women.
Academic Article What's the harm? Alcohol and marijuana use and perceived risks of unprotected sex among adolescents and young adults.
Academic Article An examination of the impact of maladaptive coping on the association between stressor type and alcohol use in college.
Academic Article The Role of Sex-Related Alcohol Expectancies in Alcohol-Involved Consensual and Nonconsensual Sex Among Women of Asian/Pacific Islander and Women of European Race/Ethnicity.
Academic Article A Randomized Clinical Trial Examining the Effect of Video-Based Prevention of Alcohol and Marijuana Use Among Recent Sexual Assault Victims.
Academic Article Student engagement and comfort during a web-based personalized feedback intervention for alcohol and sexual assault.
Academic Article Understanding sexual assault risk perception in college: Associations among sexual assault history, drinking to cope, and alcohol use.
Academic Article Gender moderates the association between distress tolerance and alcohol use among individuals with opioid use disorder.
Academic Article Reducing Heavy Episodic Drinking, Incapacitation, and Alcohol-Induced Blackouts: Secondary Outcomes of a Web-Based Combined Alcohol Use and Sexual Assault Risk Reduction Intervention.
Academic Article Association of Cannabis Use With Intimate Partner Violence Among Couples With Substance Misuse.
Concept Binge Drinking
Concept Alcohol Drinking in College
Academic Article Sexual Victimization, Self-Efficacy to Refuse Sex While Drinking, and Regretting Alcohol-Involved Sex among Underserved Youth in Kampala, Uganda.
Academic Article Alcohol use and alcohol-related consequences based on gender and sexual orientation among college students.
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