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Concept Computational Biology
Academic Article Nested Containment List (NCList): a new algorithm for accelerating interval query of genome alignment and interval databases.
Academic Article Visualization and statistical comparisons of microbial communities using R packages on Phylochip data.
Academic Article Simrank: Rapid and sensitive general-purpose k-mer search tool.
Academic Article Causal graph-based analysis of genome-wide association data in rheumatoid arthritis.
Academic Article PERMANOVA-S: association test for microbial community composition that accommodates confounders and multiple distances.
Academic Article A general framework for association analysis of microbial communities on a taxonomic tree.
Academic Article Multivariate Welch t-test on distances.
Academic Article W*d -test: robust distance-based multivariate analysis of variance
Academic Article Trends and developments in bioinformatics in 2010: prospects and perspectives.
Academic Article MODIMA, a Method for Multivariate Omnibus Distance Mediation Analysis, Allows for Integration of Multivariate Exposure-Mediator-Response Relationships.
Grant Translational Center of Molecular Profiling in Preclinical and Established Lupus (COMPEL)
Academic Article The Influences of Bioinformatics Tools and Reference Databases in Analyzing the Human Oral Microbial Community.
Academic Article A phylogenetic approach for weighting genetic sequences.
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