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Academic Article Interleukin-2 does not sequester activated lymphocytes into lung lymph of sheep.
Academic Article Interleukin-12 gene transfer results in CD8-dependent regression of murine CT26 liver tumors.
Academic Article Synergistic inhibition of tumor growth in a murine mammary adenocarcinoma model by combinational gene therapy using IL-12, pro-IL-18, and IL-1beta converting enzyme cDNA.
Academic Article Interleukin 12 gene transfer into skin distant from the tumor site elicits antimetastatic effects equivalent to local gene transfer.
Academic Article B7.1 expression eliminates tumor resistance to IL-12 gene therapy.
Academic Article Intratumoral injection of interleukin-12 plasmid DNA, either naked or in complex with cationic lipid, results in similar tumor regression in a murine model.
Academic Article Safety of interleukin-12 gene therapy against cancer: a murine biodistribution and toxicity study.
Academic Article Phase I clinical trial of the immunocytokine EMD 273063 in melanoma patients.
Academic Article IL-12 cDNA direct injection: antimetastatic effect from a single injection in a murine hepatic metastases model.
Academic Article Phase I trial of combined treatment with ch14.18 and R24 monoclonal antibodies and interleukin-2 for patients with melanoma or sarcoma.
Academic Article Intratumoral injection of IL-12 plasmid DNA--results of a phase I/IB clinical trial.
Academic Article Radiofrequency ablation combined with KS-IL2 immunocytokine (EMD 273066) results in an enhanced antitumor effect against murine colon adenocarcinoma.
Academic Article Pilot trial of the hu14.18-IL2 immunocytokine in patients with completely resectable recurrent stage III or stage IV melanoma.
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