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Academic Article Apolipoprotein C-III protein concentrations and gene polymorphisms in Type 1 diabetes: associations with microvascular disease complications in the DCCT/EDIC cohort.
Academic Article Cross-sectional associations of C-reactive protein with vascular risk factors and vascular complications in the DCCT/EDIC cohort.
Academic Article LDL-containing immune complexes in the DCCT/EDIC cohort: associations with lipoprotein subclasses.
Academic Article Apolipoprotein-defined lipoproteins and apolipoproteins: associations with abnormal albuminuria in type 1 diabetes in the diabetes control and complications trial/epidemiology of diabetes interventions and complications cohort.
Concept Diabetes Complications
Academic Article Apolipoprotein-defined and NMR lipoprotein subclasses in the veterans affairs diabetes trial.
Academic Article Clinical correlates of serum pigment epithelium-derived factor in type 2 diabetes patients.
Academic Article The association of skin intrinsic fluorescence with type 1 diabetes complications in the DCCT/EDIC study.
Academic Article Glycation, oxidation, and glycoxidation reactions in the development of diabetic complications.
Academic Article Biomarkers in diabetes: hemoglobin A1c, vascular and tissue markers.
Academic Article Treatment approaches for diabetes and dyslipidemia.
Academic Article Analysis of sphingolipid composition in human vitreous from control and diabetic individuals.
Academic Article Serum apolipoproteins and apolipoprotein-defined lipoprotein subclasses: a hypothesis-generating prospective study of cardiovascular events in T1D.
Academic Article Serum pigment epithelium-derived factor: Relationships with cardiovascular events, renal dysfunction, and mortality in the Veterans Affairs Diabetes Trial (VADT) cohort.
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