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Concept Genetic Vectors
Academic Article Mechanical and metabolic rescue in a type II diabetes model of cardiomyopathy by targeted gene transfer.
Academic Article Contractile effects of adenovirally-mediated increases in SERCA2a activity: a comparison between adult rat and rabbit ventricular myocytes.
Academic Article Gene Transfer to Rodent Hearts In Vivo.
Academic Article Gene transfer in cardiac myocytes.
Academic Article Transcoronary gene transfer of SERCA2a increases coronary blood flow and decreases cardiomyocyte size in a type 2 diabetic rat model.
Academic Article Cardiac-specific gene expression facilitated by an enhanced myosin light chain promoter.
Academic Article Targeted gene transfer in heart failure: implications for novel gene identification.
Academic Article Restoration of mechanical and energetic function in failing aortic-banded rat hearts by gene transfer of calcium cycling proteins.
Academic Article In vivo cardiac gene transfer of Kv4.3 abrogates the hypertrophic response in rats after aortic stenosis.
Academic Article Targeting phospholamban by gene transfer in human heart failure.
Academic Article Catheter-based antegrade intracoronary viral gene delivery with coronary venous blockade.
Academic Article Targeting calcium cycling proteins in heart failure through gene transfer.
Academic Article Efficient viral gene transfer to rodent hearts in vivo.
Academic Article Efficiency of eight different AAV serotypes in transducing rat myocardium in vivo.
Academic Article Targeted inhibition of calcineurin attenuates cardiac hypertrophy in vivo.
Academic Article Akt activation preserves cardiac function and prevents injury after transient cardiac ischemia in vivo.
Academic Article Improvement in survival and cardiac metabolism after gene transfer of sarcoplasmic reticulum Ca(2+)-ATPase in a rat model of heart failure.
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