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Concept Interleukin-10
Concept Interleukin-2 Receptor alpha Subunit
Concept Interleukin-15 Receptor alpha Subunit
Concept Interleukin-15
Concept Receptors, Interleukin-2
Concept Interleukin-7
Concept Receptors, Interleukin-15
Concept Interleukin-2
Concept Interleukin-2 Receptor beta Subunit
Concept Interleukin-17
Concept Interleukin-6
Academic Article Type 2 Interleukin-4 Receptor Signaling in Neutrophils Antagonizes Their Expansion and Migration during Infection and Inflammation.
Academic Article Interleukin-7 is produced by afferent lymphatic vessels and supports lymphatic drainage.
Academic Article Epidermal IL-15Ra acts as an endogenous antagonist of psoriasiform inflammation in mouse and man.
Academic Article Improved IL-2 immunotherapy by selective stimulation of IL-2 receptors on lymphocytes and endothelial cells.
Academic Article Exploiting a natural conformational switch to engineer an interleukin-2 'superkine'.
Academic Article IL-2- and CD25-dependent immunoregulatory mechanisms in the homeostasis of T-cell subsets.
Academic Article The Proton-activated Receptor GPR4 Modulates Intestinal Inflammation.
Academic Article ALT-803, an IL-15 superagonist, in combination with nivolumab in patients with metastatic non-small cell lung cancer: a non-randomised, open-label, phase 1b trial.
Academic Article Cytokine complex-expanded natural killer cells improve allogeneic lung transplant function via depletion of donor dendritic cells.
Academic Article IL-2/anti-IL-2 antibody complexes show strong biological activity by avoiding interaction with IL-2 receptor alpha subunit CD25.
Academic Article IL6 Fuels Durable Memory for Th17 Cell-Mediated Responses to Tumors.
Academic Article Phase I Trial Characterizing the Pharmacokinetic Profile of N-803, a Chimeric IL-15 Superagonist, in Healthy Volunteers.
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