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Academic Article Roles of local public health agencies within the state public health system.
Academic Article State barriers to appropriating public health emergency response funds during the 2009 H1N1 response.
Academic Article Are physician productivity and quality of care related?
Academic Article Governance's role in local health departments' information system and technology usage.
Academic Article Local Public Health Department Characteristics Associated With Likelihood to Participate in National Accreditation.
Academic Article A taxonomy of state public health preparedness units: an empirical examination of organizational structure.
Academic Article A state-based analysis of public health preparedness programs in the United States.
Academic Article Resistance is futile: but it is slowing the pace of EHR adoption nonetheless.
Academic Article Predicting computerized physician order entry system adoption in US hospitals: can the federal mandate be met?
Academic Article Structure and functions of state public health agencies.
Academic Article Changes in use of county public health services following implementation of Alabama's immigration law.
Academic Article State Health Officials: Backgrounds and Qualifications.
Academic Article State Health Official Career Advancement and Sustainability Evaluation-Description of the Methods Used in the SHO-CASE Study.
Academic Article Tenure and Turnover Among State Health Officials From the SHO-CASE Survey: Correlates and Consequences of Changing Leadership.
Academic Article Market characteristics associated with community health assessments by local health departments.
Academic Article Implementation of Lean in a Health System: Lessons Learned From a Meta-Analysis of Rapid Improvement Events, 2013-2017.
Academic Article Many States Were Able To Expand Medicaid Without Increasing Administrative Spending.
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