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Academic Article Payer mix and EHR adoption in hospitals.
Concept Health Care Surveys
Academic Article Patient satisfaction scores and their relationship to hospital website quality measures.
Academic Article Measuring Patient Satisfaction's Relationship to Hospital Cost Efficiency: Can Administrators Make a Difference?
Academic Article Are community health centers prepared for bioterrorism?
Academic Article Roles of local public health agencies within the state public health system.
Academic Article Hospital financial performance: does IT governance make a difference?
Academic Article Health care CIOs: assessing their fit in the organizational hierarchy and their influence on information technology capability.
Academic Article Market effects on electronic health record adoption by physicians.
Academic Article Examining the adoption of electronic health records and personal digital assistants by family physicians in Florida.
Academic Article Charting the use of electronic health records and other information technologies among child health providers.
Academic Article EHR and other IT adoption among physicians: results of a large-scale statewide analysis.
Academic Article Impact of the medical professional liability insurance crisis on access to care in Florida.
Academic Article Hospital website rankings in the United States: expanding benchmarks and standards for effective consumer engagement.
Academic Article EHR adoption among doctors who treat the elderly.
Academic Article Adoption factors associated with patient safety-related information technology.
Academic Article The relationship between pediatric volume and information technology adoption in hospitals.
Academic Article Predictors of Hospital Patient Satisfaction as Measured by HCAHPS: A Systematic Review.
Academic Article Overcoming challenges to achieving meaningful use: insights from hospitals that successfully received Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services payments in 2011.
Academic Article Underinsurance in children with special health care needs: the impact of definition on findings.
Academic Article Information technologies in Florida's rural hospitals: does system affiliation matter?
Academic Article Environmental factors and quality improvement in county and local health departments.
Academic Article Physician and practice characteristics associated with longitudinal increases in electronic health records adoption.
Academic Article The relationship between local hospital IT capabilities and physician EMR adoption.
Academic Article Predicting computerized physician order entry system adoption in US hospitals: can the federal mandate be met?
Academic Article Hospital adoption of information technologies and improved patient safety: a study of 98 hospitals in Florida.
Academic Article The role of information technology usage in physician practice satisfaction.
Academic Article Hospital quality of care: does information technology matter? The relationship between information technology adoption and quality of care.
Academic Article Florida doctors seeing Medicaid patients show broad interest in federal incentives for adopting electronic health records.
Academic Article Predictors of physician satisfaction among electronic health record system users.
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