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overview My research program lies at the intersection of vascular biology, endocrinology and neuroscience. My laboratory, my training and expertise are focused on understanding the regulation of vascular function and structure in diabetes and hypertension in order to develop innovative strategies and therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of associated complications including ischemic stroke and cognitive impairment. These comorbidities not only increase the risk but also worsen the recovery and/or progression of cognitive impairment and stroke. All neuroprotective approaches have failed to produce any new therapies for these diseases. As a vascular biologist, I concentrated my efforts on the role of vasculoprotection and vascular restoration on brain repair. I use my uniquely combined expertise in endocrinology, physiology, pharmacology and vascular biology to identify novel treatments for stroke and cognitive impairment in both sexes.
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Academic Article Poststroke cognitive impairment and hippocampal neurovascular remodeling: the impact of diabetes and sex.
Academic Article NLRP3 inflammasome inhibition with MCC950 improves diabetes-mediated cognitive impairment and vasoneuronal remodeling after ischemia.
Academic Article Cerebrovascular complications of diabetes: focus on cognitive dysfunction.
Academic Article Delayed Administration of Angiotensin II Type 2 Receptor (AT2R) Agonist Compound 21 Prevents the Development of Post-stroke Cognitive Impairment in Diabetes Through the Modulation of Microglia Polarization.
Academic Article Inflammation within the neurovascular unit: Focus on microglia for stroke injury and recovery.
Academic Article Angiotensin receptor (AT2R) agonist C21 prevents cognitive decline after permanent stroke in aged animals-A randomized double- blind pre-clinical study.
Academic Article RAS modulation prevents progressive cognitive impairment after experimental stroke: a randomized, blinded preclinical trial.
Academic Article Role of angiotensin system modulation on progression of cognitive impairment and brain MRI changes in aged hypertensive animals - A randomized double- blind pre-clinical study.
Academic Article Remote ischemic postconditioning: harnessing endogenous protection in a murine model of vascular cognitive impairment.
Grant Progressive Post Stroke Cognitive Impairment:Mechanisms & Intervention
Grant Vascular Injury and Recovery in Diabetic Ischemic Stroke
Academic Article Diabetic rats are more susceptible to cognitive decline in a model of microemboli-mediated vascular contributions to cognitive impairment and dementia.
Academic Article Diabetes-related sex differences in the brain endothelin system following ischemia in vivo and in human brain endothelial cells in vitro.
Academic Article Microglia knockdown reduces inflammation and preserves cognition in diabetic animals after experimental stroke.
Academic Article Endothelin-1 (ET-1) promotes a proinflammatory microglia phenotype in diabetic conditions.
Academic Article Stroke promotes the development of brain atrophy and delayed cell death in hypertensive rats.
Concept Cognitive Dysfunction
Academic Article Impact of diabetes and ischemic stroke on the cerebrovasculature: A female perspective.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance imaging reveals microemboli-mediated pathological changes in brain microstructure in diabetic rats: relevance to vascular cognitive impairment/dementia.
Academic Article Vascular contributions to cognitive impairment/dementia in diabetes: role of endothelial cells and pericytes.
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