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Concept Muscle, Smooth, Vascular
Concept Muscle, Smooth
Concept Myocytes, Smooth Muscle
Academic Article Vascular dysfunction of venous bypass conduits is mediated by reactive oxygen species in diabetes: role of endothelin-1.
Academic Article DOCA-salt treatment enhances responses to endothelin-1 in murine corpus cavernosum.
Academic Article Activation of the ET-1/ETA pathway contributes to erectile dysfunction associated with mineralocorticoid hypertension.
Academic Article Endothelial endothelin B receptor-mediated prevention of cerebrovascular remodeling is attenuated in diabetes because of up-regulation of smooth muscle endothelin receptors.
Academic Article Protein nitration impairs the myogenic tone of rat middle cerebral arteries in both ischemic and nonischemic hemispheres after ischemic stroke.
Academic Article Augmented dilation to nitric oxide in uterine arteries from rats with type 2 diabetes: implications for vascular adaptations to pregnancy.
Academic Article Reply to "Letter to the editor: 'Targeting cerebrovascular myogenic dysfunction in stroke'".
Academic Article The contribution of Toll-like receptors to placental inflammation in diet-induced maternal obesity.
Academic Article Impact of Metabolic Diseases on Cerebral Circulation: Structural and Functional Consequences.
Academic Article Nox4 contributes to the hypoxia-mediated regulation of actin cytoskeleton in cerebrovascular smooth muscle.
Academic Article Cerebral myogenic reactivity and blood flow in type 2 diabetic rats: role of peroxynitrite in hypoxia-mediated loss of myogenic tone.
Academic Article Diabetes-mediated middle cerebral artery remodeling is restored by linagliptin: Interaction with the vascular smooth muscle cell endothelin system.
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