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Concept DNA, Complementary
Academic Article The human multidrug resistance (mdr1) gene. cDNA cloning and transcription initiation.
Academic Article mRNA phenotyping by enzymatic amplification of randomly primed cDNA.
Academic Article cDNA sequence of a new chicken embryonic rho-globin.
Academic Article Resistance to taxol chemotherapy produced in mouse marrow cells by safety-modified retroviruses containing a human MDR-1 transcription unit.
Academic Article Cloning mammalian genes by expression selection of genetic suppressor elements: association of kinesin with drug resistance and cell immortalization.
Academic Article Isolation of genetic suppressor elements, inducing resistance to topoisomerase II-interactive cytotoxic drugs, from human topoisomerase II cDNA.
Academic Article Identification of p53 genetic suppressor elements which confer resistance to cisplatin.
Academic Article Isolation of genetic suppressor elements (GSEs) from random fragment cDNA libraries in retroviral vectors.
Academic Article Altered expression of ubiquitous kinesin heavy chain results in resistance to etoposide and hypersensitivity to colchicine: mapping of the domain associated with drug response.
Academic Article Isolation of altered-function mutants and genetic suppressor elements of multidrug transporter P-glycoprotein by expression selection from retroviral libraries.
Academic Article Function-based gene identification using enzymatically generated normalized shRNA library and massive parallel sequencing.
Academic Article Effects of p21Waf1/Cip1/Sdi1 on cellular gene expression: implications for carcinogenesis, senescence, and age-related diseases.
Academic Article A combination of genetic suppressor elements produces resistance to drugs inhibiting DNA replication.
Academic Article Molecular determinants of terminal growth arrest induced in tumor cells by a chemotherapeutic agent.
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