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Academic Article The scanning potential microscope: An instrument to image micro-corrosion processes on metallic biomaterials surfaces.
Academic Article Local and distant products from modularity.
Academic Article Migration of corrosion products from modular hip prostheses. Particle microanalysis and histopathological findings.
Academic Article In vivo corrosion of modular hip prosthesis components in mixed and similar metal combinations. The effect of crevice, stress, motion, and alloy coupling.
Academic Article Intergranular corrosion-fatigue failure of cobalt-alloy femoral stems. A failure analysis of two implants.
Academic Article Corrosion of metal orthopaedic implants.
Academic Article The evaluation of corrosion in stainless steel endodontic files.
Academic Article The reduction half cell in biomaterials corrosion: oxygen diffusion profiles near and cell response to polarized titanium surfaces.
Academic Article The electrochemical and mechanical behavior of passivated and TiN/AlN-coated CoCrMo and Ti6Al4V alloys.
Academic Article Effect of hydrogen peroxide on titanium surfaces: in situ imaging and step-polarization impedance spectroscopy of commercially pure titanium and titanium, 6-aluminum, 4-vanadium.
Academic Article Fretting crevice corrosion of stainless steel stem-CoCr femoral head connections: comparisons of materials, initial moisture, and offset length.
Academic Article In vivo severe corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement of retrieved modular body titanium alloy hip-implants.
Academic Article Electrochemical investigation of chromium oxide-coated Ti-6Al-4V and Co-Cr-Mo alloy substrates.
Academic Article In vivo oxide-induced stress corrosion cracking of Ti-6Al-4V in a neck-stem modular taper: Emergent behavior in a new mechanism of in vivo corrosion.
Academic Article Fretting corrosion of CoCrMo and Ti6Al4V interfaces.
Academic Article Potential and frequency effects on fretting corrosion of Ti6Al4V and CoCrMo surfaces.
Academic Article Do ceramic femoral heads reduce taper fretting corrosion in hip arthroplasty? A retrieval study.
Academic Article The effect of cathodic electrochemical potential of Ti-6Al-4V on cell viability: voltage threshold and time dependence.
Academic Article Is increased modularity associated with increased fretting and corrosion damage in metal-on-metal total hip arthroplasty devices?: a retrieval study.
Academic Article Incorporation of Ca and P on anodized titanium surface: Effect of high current density.
Academic Article Does Taper Angle Clearance Influence Fretting and Corrosion Damage at the Head-Stem Interface? A Matched Cohort Retrieval Study.
Academic Article Direct in vivo inflammatory cell-induced corrosion of CoCrMo alloy orthopedic implant surfaces.
Academic Article Mechanically assisted taper corrosion in modular TKA.
Academic Article Modern trunnions are more flexible: a mechanical analysis of THA taper designs.
Academic Article Primary hip replacement stem taper fracture due to corrosion in 3 patients.
Academic Article Ceramic Heads Decrease Metal Release Caused by Head-taper Fretting and Corrosion.
Academic Article Erratum to: Ceramic Heads Decrease Metal Release Caused by Head-taper Fretting and Corrosion.
Academic Article Effect of mixed alloy combinations on fretting corrosion performance of spinal screw and rod implants.
Academic Article Properties and Corrosion Performance of Self-reinforced Composite PEEK for Proposed Use as a Modular Taper Gasket.
Academic Article Corrosion Damage and Wear Mechanisms in Long-Term Retrieved CoCr Femoral Components for Total Knee Arthroplasty.
Academic Article Does Taper Size Have an Effect on Taper Damage in Retrieved Metal-on-Polyethylene Total Hip Devices?
Academic Article The effect of simulated inflammatory conditions and Fenton chemistry on the electrochemistry of CoCrMo alloy.
Academic Article Electrosurgery Induced Damage to Ti-6Al-4V and CoCrMo Alloy Surfaces in Orthopedic Implants In Vivo and In Vitro.
Academic Article Voltage and wear debris from Ti-6Al-4V interact to affect cell viability during in-vitro fretting corrosion.
Academic Article Material dependent fretting corrosion in spinal fusion devices: Evaluation of onset and long-term response.
Academic Article Effects of Seating Load Magnitude on Incremental Cyclic Fretting Corrosion in 5°40' Mixed Alloy Modular Taper Junctions.
Academic Article The effect of the inflammatory species hypochlorous acid on the corrosion and surface damage of Ti-6Al-4V and CoCrMo alloys.
Academic Article Effects of seating load magnitude and load orientation on seating mechanics in 5°40' mixed-alloy modular taper junctions.
Academic Article Design, Material, and Seating Load Effects on In Vitro Fretting Corrosion Performance of Modular Head-Neck Tapers.
Academic Article Fretting initiated crevice corrosion of 316LVM stainless steel in physiological phosphate buffered saline: Potential and cycles to initiation.
Academic Article In vitro test methods for seating and fretting corrosion behavior of modular metal-on-metal acetabular tapers.
Academic Article Corrosion in stainless-steel and nickel-titanium files.
Academic Article Focal osteolysis at the junctions of a modular stainless-steel femoral intramedullary nail.
Academic Article Transient electric fields induced by mechanically assisted corrosion of Ti-6Al-4V.
Academic Article A multicenter retrieval study of the taper interfaces of modular hip prostheses.
Academic Article In vitro corrosion testing of modular hip tapers.
Academic Article Sensing Localized Surface Corrosion Damage of CoCrMo Alloys and Modular Tapers of Total Hip Retrievals Using Nearfield Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy.
Academic Article Synthetic periprosthetic synovial fluid development for in vitro cell-tribocorrosion testing using the Taguchi array approach.
Academic Article Self-reinforced poly(ether ether ketone) and polyethylene composite gaskets for prevention of mechanically-assisted corrosion in modular taper junctions: Seating, micromotion and short-term fretting corrosion.
Academic Article Nontribological corrosion modes dominate wrought CoCrMo acetabular taper corrosion: A retrieval study.
Academic Article Fretting corrosion of Si3 N4 vs CoCrMo femoral heads on Ti-6Al-V trunnions.
Academic Article A metallic biomaterial tribocorrosion model linking fretting mechanics, currents, and potentials: Model development and experimental comparison.
Academic Article In vitro fretting crevice corrosion damage of CoCrMo alloys in phosphate buffered saline: Debris generation, chemistry and distribution.
Academic Article Interfacial compliance, energy dissipation, frequency effects, and long-term fretting corrosion performance of Ti-6Al-4V/CoCrMo interfaces.
Academic Article The effect of hypochlorous acid on the tribocorrosion of CoCrMo/Ti-6Al-4V bearing couples.
Academic Article Long-term fretting corrosion performance of modular head-neck junctions with self-reinforced composite gaskets from PEEK and UHMWPE.
Academic Article In Vitro Corrosion Assessment of the Essure® Medical Device in Saline, Simulated Inflammatory Solution and Neutral Buffered Formalin.
Academic Article Corrosion properties of low carbon CoCrMo and additively manufactured CoCr alloys for dental applications.
Academic Article Cathodic activation and inflammatory species are critical to simulating in vivo Ti-6Al-4V selective dissolution.
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