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Academic Article Electrochemical response of CoCrMo to high-speed fracture of its metal oxide using an electrochemical scratch test method.
Academic Article The electrochemical and mechanical behavior of passivated and TiN/AlN-coated CoCrMo and Ti6Al4V alloys.
Academic Article Fretting corrosion of CoCrMo and Ti6Al4V interfaces.
Academic Article Electrochemical control of cell death by reduction-induced intrinsic apoptosis and oxidation-induced necrosis on CoCrMo alloy in vitro.
Academic Article Potential and frequency effects on fretting corrosion of Ti6Al4V and CoCrMo surfaces.
Academic Article Study of cellular dynamics on polarized CoCrMo alloy using time-lapse live-cell imaging.
Academic Article Direct in vivo inflammatory cell-induced corrosion of CoCrMo alloy orthopedic implant surfaces.
Academic Article Effect of mixed alloy combinations on fretting corrosion performance of spinal screw and rod implants.
Academic Article The effect of simulated inflammatory conditions and Fenton chemistry on the electrochemistry of CoCrMo alloy.
Academic Article Electrosurgery Induced Damage to Ti-6Al-4V and CoCrMo Alloy Surfaces in Orthopedic Implants In Vivo and In Vitro.
Academic Article The effect of the inflammatory species hypochlorous acid on the corrosion and surface damage of Ti-6Al-4V and CoCrMo alloys.
Academic Article Electrochemical potential zone of viability on CoCrMo surfaces is affected by cell type: Macrophages under cathodic bias are more resistant to killing.
Academic Article In vitro corrosion testing of modular hip tapers.
Academic Article Fretting corrosion of Si3 N4 vs CoCrMo femoral heads on Ti-6Al-V trunnions.
Academic Article A metallic biomaterial tribocorrosion model linking fretting mechanics, currents, and potentials: Model development and experimental comparison.
Academic Article The effect of hypochlorous acid on the tribocorrosion of CoCrMo/Ti-6Al-4V bearing couples.
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